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Spotlight of the Week: RockBox Lubbock

By: RockBox Fitness
Category: Fitness

The Lubbock RockBox team standing outside the building at a ribbon cutting ceremony

RockBox is a quickly growing health and fitness franchise… and for good reason. 

The gym offers a unique blend of kickboxing and functional exercise for the optimal cardiovascular and strength-building workout. 

In the beginning, North Carolinians were the only ones with access to this high-energy, community-based fitness space. Today, there are franchises across all of the United States, with one of the most recent being in Lubbock, Texas

In Texas, you go big or you go home. This is why RockBox Fitness fits right in. 

The RockBox workout is superior to that of its competitors for several reasons. To give you an idea of just a few —

  1. Unmatched community. 

RockBox welcomes people of all athletic abilities, shapes, sizes, and strengths. The one thing that unites all of the people is the goal to improve their health and fitness. 

The sense of community that comes with such a diverse space is truly remarkable. As energized as it is inclusive, you get the sense that you belong from the moment you walk in the door

  1. Never do the same workout twice. 

Ever been to a gym where the classes are nearly the same each and every day? You do not have to worry about this at RockBox. 

Every single day, you can walk in knowing that the workout you are about to do has never been done before, nor will it ever be done again. This is strategic. RockBox likes to not only keep things interesting for its members but wants to ensure that various muscle groups are targeted for the optimal full-body workout regimen. 

  1. Where cardio and strength building meet. 

The RockBox workout can be broken down into two parts: bag work and functional work. Half of the 50-minute class is spent on the boxing bag — throwing punches and kicks in combos provided by the fitness coach. The other half is dedicated to functional exercise, including bodyweight, strength, and resistance training. Together, these make for a class that is as challenging cardiovascularly as it is exhaustive to your muscles. Ask any RockBoxer… it is the ultimate burn. 

  1. Work with experts. 

One of the best things about taking RockBox Fitness classes is knowing that every single class is led by a certified health and fitness professional. Your coaches are there to help — to correct your form, give your tips and provide guidance that is specific to your health and fitness goals. 

  1. Adopt a holistic outlook on health. 

RockBox understands that to truly grow into the healthiest and happiest version of you, you need to drive a lifestyle change. This means you cannot look at your health or fitness in isolation. RockBox provides the fitness classes, community, and nutritional guidance for you to successfully and sustainably implement holistic, lifestyle changes. 

  1. Praise balance. 

While RockBox is special for several reasons — there is one differentiator that is so rare, yet so normalized within this gym… and that is that balance is praised. 

Wellness is a lifestyle. Yes, RockBox will provide you with killer workouts and optimize nutrition plans. But at the end of the day, RockBox wants you to live your life. They want you to enjoy your birthday cake, to have a drink with friends, and to take days off when your body is craving a break. 

Balance is key to sustainable personal growth; you must find a gym that wholeheartedly believes this. 

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