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  • How Can I Increase My Boxing Stamina?
    Boxing requires large bursts of energy, followed by periods of rest, making it hard for beginners to find the stamina and endurance needed to last, whether facing an opponent or just shadowboxing. This fast pace can take a large toll on the body unless you’re a seasoned ...
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  • The Truth Behind These 3 Boxing Myths
    While boxing has been a sport for thousands of years since ancient Greece and has risen in popularity as a fitness workout with the help of RockBox and other boxing-based athletic facilities in the modern era, there are still a handful of boxing myths that create harmful ...
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  • Everything You Need to Know About Teardrop Punching Bags
    The Pros and Cons of the Boxing Wrecking Ball Also known as the wrecking ball, teardrop punching bags are massively useful for workouts, and anyone from the newest fighter to the pros can make the most of these heavy bags. As the name indicates, these bags form the shape of ...
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  • 10 Tips for Heavy Bag Training the Right Way
    Even if you’re fairly experienced with boxing, and enjoy training with a heavy bag, there’s a difference between getting a decent amount of activity and using pro techniques to get the best possible workout. Plus, optimizing your heavy bag workout training helps to prevent ...
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  • What is Boxing-Based Fitness?
    One of the oldest exercises in history, boxing has been around for thousands of years and is still a commonly used way to stay active. It didn’t even make its way to the United States until the 1700s or gain real momentum until the 1800s. From being a bloodthirsty, ...
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