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  • 10 Tips for Heavy Bag Training the Right Way
    Even if you’re fairly experienced with boxing, and enjoy training with a heavy bag, there’s a difference between getting a decent amount of activity and using pro techniques to get the best possible workout. Plus, optimizing your heavy bag workout training helps to prevent ...
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  • What is Boxing-Based Fitness?
    One of the oldest exercises in history, boxing has been around for thousands of years and is still a commonly used way to stay active. It didn’t even make its way to the United States until the 1700s or gain real momentum until the 1800s. From being a bloodthirsty, ...
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  • Finding a Healthy Relationship with Fitness
    It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Toxic Exercise Relationships Whether you have a vacation coming up in a few months or you’re sick of the on-again, off-again routine you have with exercise, it’s easy to find yourself in a poor mindset towards being active. And it’s understandable ...
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  • Does Boxing Build Muscle?
    If you’re new to the boxing world, you’re likely to wonder how the sport will change your body. It might seem like boxing would be too much cardio to help you gain muscle mass, and depending on what you’re looking to achieve, you’re hesitant to add it into your routine. But ...
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  • Why Accountability is Key in Your Fitness Journey
    It’s a lot more challenging to get where you want to be without holding yourself accountable as you progress. But what does accountability even mean in fitness? Accountability is when you take responsibility for your journey – how often you work out, the food you eat, your ...
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