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  • RockBox Fitness Powell is Taking Columbus by Storm
    RockBox Fitness Powell is making waves in Columbus, Ohio. If you aren’t familiar with the RockBox workout , it is truly one-of-a-kind. Combining boxing, kickboxing, and functional training, every RockBox class introduces a unique, full-body work. It is often not until you ...
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  • RockBox Fitness FAQ's & All the Answers You Need
    RockBox Fitness is a kickboxing and functional fitness gym that has been revolutionizing fitness from the very beginning. What makes the gym so unique? Well, a couple of things… RockBox is more than just a gym. While the workout is phenomenal, a membership gets you so much ...
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  • 6 Boxing Facts That Will Take You From Novice to Know-It-All
    What do you know about boxing? That it’s a killer full-body workout? Or that the benefits of practicing the sport are endless? Whatever your takeaway is, know that there is as much technical and historical depth to the discipline as there is modern-day enthusiasm around the ...
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  • 7 Common Kickboxing Form Mistakes
    Kickboxing, like any new sport you take on, requires proper form. The sport is more than aimlessly punching and kicking a bag. In fact, by doing so incorrectly, you can not only injure yourself but can reduce the number of benefits your reap from the workout. By executing ...
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  • 10 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Get a New Fitness Routine Going
    The practices that make up your health and fitness routine should be tailored to you — including your current fitness level, injuries, and interests. Finding what works best for you is an amazing feeling. This is something that every person on a health and fitness journey ...
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