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Gel Wraps vs Traditional Wraps: Which Is Better for Kickboxing?

By: RockBox Fitness
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Gel Wraps vs Traditional Wraps: Which Is Better for Kickboxing?

If you're new to boxing, using hand wraps is crucial. You need wraps that feel good, last long, and shield your hands and wrists. Fortunately, with practice, you'll master the diverse methods of using them before wearing boxing gloves. Hand wraps not only provide extra cushioning and security for your hands, but they also prevent knuckle chafing, abrasions, and scarring.

Do I Need Hand Wraps to Box?

Hand wraps are a vital part of your boxing gear, just like gloves. They protect your hands from cuts, bruises, and soreness. They also provide support for your wrist and thumb. Make sure you wrap them snugly but not too tight, and practice wrapping before hitting your first training session. They'll keep your hands safe and secure, and prevent injuries.

Traditional vs Wel Wraps:

At RockBox Fitness, we offer both traditional and gel hand wraps to protect your hands and wrists under your boxing gloves. Which is better for boxing? In short, traditional wraps for customizable protection or gel wraps for convenience. Traditional wraps offer flexibility but have more of a learning curve when practicing how to wrap. We would recommend any beginners to use gel wraps due to their easy and simple application. Their easy-on, easy-off build can save you time when preparing for your next class!

Overall, hand wraps are extremely important, especially for beginners, to protect your hands while boxing. There are many different pros and cons when it comes to traditional vs gel hand wraps, but there is no wrong answer! Discover more about our high-quality hand wraps at your local studio.

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