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Discover the Difference our workouts make

Say Goodbye to Boring Workout Routines, Say Hello To Dynamic Kickboxing Classes

At RockBox Fitness, we totally understand how discouraging it can be when you feel like you are all alone in your fitness journey.

Committing – and staying committed – to an active and healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. It requires continued effort and pushing past frequent obstacles and struggles.

Yet in the end, the results are well worth the effort. It’s just a matter of getting yourself there. Our kickboxing fitness programs can help you get there.

Check out our testimonials to see why our members love our kickboxing workouts. Visit your local RockBox studio and get your first class free!

Try Our High Energy Kickboxing Workouts

Two happy RockBox members in the middle of a kickboxing workout

You deserve fun workout classes that give you results and a community to hold you accountable for your goals.

Enter: RockBox trainers and rockstar members, all of whom are there to help you become your best, strongest self.

Trying and failing is frustrating – but that stops with us. We are not just another gym. We transform the way you work out – and help you have fun and find community in the process.

Looking for a better way to work out? We offer challenging, effective, and fun cardio kickboxing workouts. Find your kickboxing studio and try us for free.

RockBox is More Than Just a Place to Workout

You may need some nutrition advice or one-on-one personal training to help you crush your fitness goals.

For that reason, some of our studios offer:

At RockBox Fitness, we understand the importance of personalized support that goes beyond the typical gym experience. Whether it's crafting a customized meal plan or developing a workout routine tailored specifically to your needs, our studios are ready to assist. Our Accountability Coaching, in particular, helps keep you on track, providing the necessary encouragement to stay committed to your goals. We believe that these multifaceted programs enable our members to engage with their fitness journeys in a more meaningful and effective way.

We know how intimidating starting or getting back into fitness can be. Sometimes, it'll require lifestyle changes that may seem overwhelming at first. But at RockBox Fitness, you're never alone in this transformation process. Our community, both members and staff, is invested in your success, and we'll be there for you each step of the way. We don't just see fitness as a solitary pursuit; we view it as a shared triumph. And when you've hit your goals, we'll be the first to celebrate with you!

Learn more about our holistic fitness programs by contacting a RockBox Fitness near you. Your first class is free and we're confident you'll love it.

First Timer? No Sweat.

Kickboxing Routine for Beginners and Seasoned Pros Alike!

If you’ve never tried a RockBox workout class, we’re excited to show you what we are all about. We’re so convinced you’ll love it, we offer your first workout free.

From the moment you step through our doors, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and supported in our studio.

Here’s what you can expect from your try-it-free experience:

  • Arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled class time
  • Attend a goal-setting session with our certified trainers
  • We’ll explain why you need to wrap up your hands and show you how to do it
  • You’ll receive one-on-one instruction from the trainer on how to throw the six different punches and three different kicks
  • We’ll explain how the class moves and how the stations and kiosks work
  • Experience the fun, high-energy 50-minute boxing workout
  • Start rocking your new confidence

Following the class, our trainer will make recommendations about the next steps.

Ready to give us a try for free? We can't wait to show you how we are redefining the traditional workout class.


  • “You know they really care about you. You’re not just another number at check-in.”

    - James H., RockBox Fitness Waverly
  • “I love this community. It’s a community that supports you.”

    - Michael P., RockBox Fitness Huntersville
  • “The accountability piece was one of the key things that RockBox offered that nobody else was offering. It’s the piece that helped you hold the fitness and the nutrition together.”

    - Julie B., RockBox Fitness Huntersville
  • “From the jump, RockBox completely changed my life. From the trainers holding me accountable, to helping me with the nutrition portion of it.”

    - Kiara M., RockBox Fitness Mooresville
woman and man working out with resistance bands

Kickboxing Classes for Every Body

Think that boxing isn’t for you? Think again. The word ‘boxing’ can be intimidating for some, and we totally get it. But every day we are introducing more and more people to our boxing-based workout classes and changing the way they think about this sport. Boxing is one of the best cardiovascular workouts that both burns fat and builds muscle. And the best part? Everyone can do it. That means you. Our workouts are designed for every body at every fitness level – and absolutely no boxing experience is necessary. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, from wrapping up your hands to how to punch and kick. All you need to do is show up.

Revolutionize Your Workout Routine

  • 50

    We make the most of your time and keep you moving from start to finish.

  • 550 Strength-building

    Hundreds of rotating exercises plus various boxing combos implemented at the bags keep your workouts fresh and fun.

  • 1000+
    Calories Burned

    Burn up to 1000+ calories during the workout and 24 hours post-workout.

Additional Support to Help You on Your Fitness Journey

Our personal trainers are dedicated to helping you find the right balance of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle in order to achieve your fitness goals. Selected studios offer individualized nutrition plans as well as and semi-private training, to help you make the right choices for your body. Our trainers also take the time to discuss lifestyle habits such as sleep, stress management and other behaviors that can help you optimize your fitness journey.

At RockBox Fitness, we understand the importance of accountability. Our trainers are available to answer questions and offer guidance throughout your fitness journey. We provide a personalized approach to ensure that you have the support you need to meet your fitness goals.

RockBox is passionate about helping you reach your goals, that's why we offer additional support to ensure you stay on track. We believe that with the right tools and guidance, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. That's why we're here to provide you with the support you need to make sure you make the most of your journey.

Our additional support includes:

Not all of our studios offer all of the above services, so contact your local RockBox to learn more about their additional support services.

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