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  • How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing
    What Are Hand Wraps? There are several different kinds of hand wraps that boxers use, but in essence they are cloth bands you wrap around your hands and wrists and wear under boxing gloves. The most common kinds of wraps used in training are made of cotton and come in ...
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  • Can Boxing-Based Fitness Benefit Runners?
    If you’ve seen the Rocky series or other boxing movies, you may notice that there’s quite a bit of running in every training montage. Whether up and down marble steps, stadium bleachers, or even alongside railway tracks, it’s been a staple of these types of films for ...
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  • How to Strength Train Like a Boxer
    If you’ve ever seen professional boxing, you would only need to watch a few seconds of a match to realize how strong boxers must be. And this is no accident – professional boxers complete a wide range of strength training exercises at least two or three times a week to do ...
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  • Do You Need Experience to Join a Boxing Gym?
    Boxing gyms are great places to work out , break a sweat, and have fun. But they can also seem intimidating to first timers considering it for their fitness routine, but don't worry – there is no experience required to join a boxing gym! And we would know – as one of ...
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  • How Can I Increase My Boxing Stamina?
    Boxing requires large bursts of energy, followed by periods of rest, making it hard for beginners to find the stamina and endurance needed to last, whether facing an opponent or just shadowboxing. This fast pace can take a large toll on the body unless you’re a seasoned ...
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