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  • Michael P. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "I love this community. It’s a community that supports you."

  • Julie B. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "The accountability piece was one of the key things that RockBox offered that nobody else was offering. It’s the piece that helped you hold the fitness and the nutrition together."

  • Kiara M. RockBox Fitness Mooresville

    "From the jump, RockBox completely changed my life. From the trainers holding me accountable, to helping me with the nutrition portion of it."

  • James H. RockBox Fitness Waverly

    "You know they really care about you. You’re not just another number at check-in."

  • Luis QATester RockBox Fitness

    "This is a great place to workout, make friends and take part of a community"

  •  - Matt B.
    Matt B. RockBox Fitness Greensboro

    "How much weight have you lost with RockBox?
    60 lbs lost

    How has RockBox changed your life (confidence level, energy level, personal relationships, etc)?
    RockBox has changed my life in many ways. I have way more confidence. My energy level is through the roof. I’m doing things today, that I never thought I would do again. And the best thing I have gained is the new family at RockBox. I have built relationships that will last the rest of my life."

  • Geri L RockBox Fitness Greenville

    "I've done other boxing/rounds type workouts that were routine and boring. RockBox offers such variety and challenges that keep you engaged and ready for more. The coaches in Greenville are top notch. The amount of encouragement and accountability from the coaches and staff goes above anything I have ever experienced at a gym. I cannot say enough good things about RockBox. One hit and you are hooked."

  • Christine M. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "I left Rockbox with a sense of community. I am constantly in awe of every time I go, it's a new and different work out."

  • Jessica D. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "I just feel so much better about myself. This place is a wonderful, wonderful testament for anyone's health. They know what they're doing, they do it the right way, and they do it with confidence."

  • Fred W. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "They continually push the envelope. They continued to push me to go beyond where I'm at."

  • DeWayne T. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "Within a span of 6 weeks, I lost 25lbs 4% body fat and I am continuing to lose weight."

  •  - Tim W.
    Tim W. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "How much weight have you lost with RockBox?
    90 lbs in one year

    How has RockBox changed your life (confidence level, energy level, personal relationships, etc)?
    RockBox is an outlet from an emotional standpoint. You can come in and sweat it out as you lose yourself in the music while you hit the bags and lift weights. I now look totally different. I was at church the other day and heard ‘holy cow’. It was one of my neighbors who hadn’t seen me in months and said you look totally different."

  •  - Mallory F.
    Mallory F. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "There is so much to say about Rock Box and the 6 Week Challenge. I really needed something big to get out of the funk I was in. I’ve never been athletic and regular gyms get boring. I actually tried a class before I decided to join the challenge. It was tough and I was sore but I did it. It was an immediate confidence booster for me and I knew I wanted more. I signed up for the Challenge. Honestly, the nutrition was the toughest part for me. I REALLY like carbs. The cheat sheet made it easy bc it really laid everything out. I liked the meal suggestions and posts from others bc I could get ideas. I am NOT creative in the kitchen and don’t enjoy cooking but learned to use my Sunday to plan, shop and prep for the week.
    I noticed as the weeks went on, not only did I see a difference on the scale and in my clothes but I also noticed new muscles, new confidence, more energy, and endurance.
    In 6 weeks I lost 14 lbs and 5% Body Fat.
    I knew I wasn’t done and really wanted to stick with it. I look forward to seeing where I’ll be a year from now!!!!"

  •  - Samantha M.
    Samantha M. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "RockBox has been the best and most needed change in my life. I was becoming very comfortable being a lazy couch potato! I finally had enough and knew I needed to make a drastic change. This challenge instantly got me hooked! I have become obsessed with the workouts, and it’s all thanks to the amazing trainers. Their motivation and encouragement are what kept me going and continues to push me forward. I have even started going to the 5:30 am classes, and I am someone who sleeps in until 10 am on the weekends! I have changed in so many ways, both physically and mentally. I am less sluggish and have a much more positive mindset. I encourage anyone and everyone to give RockBox a try. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish and the trainers will set you up for success."

  •  - Justin S.
    Justin S. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "Fitness has been a part of my life. But over the past 6 years, my wife and I have moved states, had 2 kids, remodeled, and sold a house. I have used every excuse not to work out. So being over 35 years old that 6 years really caught up to me. Little did I know Rockbox, would change my life in every way possible. They were very informative and inspired me to try the six weeks workout. I came in they weighed me did my body fat % and gave me a meal plan, shopping list, and recipes. I did my first workout and Bammmmmm I was hooked! Rockbox has great workout regimens, never the same workout, the team there makes you feel right at home.
    I am 36 years old.
    Week 1 – 179lbs 23% body fat
    Week 6 – 165lbs 15% body fat
    Lost 14lbs and 8% body fat in six weeks"

  •  - Derek B.
    Derek B. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "I had been looking to get back into shape for some time and a friend recommended RockBox (formerly Fast Fit Boxing) as he had seen great results from the workouts. I happened to stop by check it out just as they were beginning a new challenge for the new year and it was perfect timing. 6 weeks, 3-4 workouts a week, a regimented diet plan and some discipline later, I’ve lost 25 lbs and am down 4-5% body fat! The workouts are great coming from energetic trainers who give you a whole body workout in an hour at multiple class times throughout the day. I can say that this gym and the workouts are what I needed to get motivated to get off the couch."

  •  - Meaghan C.
    Meaghan C. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "Rockbox is one of a kind. I do not like to step into things unknown or do things I am not good at but this experience exceeded my expectations. Each and every trainer there works effortlessly to ensure your fulfillment and success. They truly care about your story, your goals, and you as a person. They are here to help you live your best life flat out. As a competitive person, the challenge was perfect for me. It helped me push myself to my limits and taught me discipline and sustainability. Rockbox changed the way I eat and work out for the better!"

  •  - Katie B.
    Katie B. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "Basically, since walking in RockBox in December, I’ve felt like I was home. I’ve been held accountable and encouraged throughout
    the Challenge. I was given back something that is truly priceless and that’s my health and confidence. In 2012 I had a stroke that I thought would never give me the capabilities to even do RockBox. I struggle every workout with balance and vertigo but I never give up because of my trainers. They’ve all taken
    that extra second to encourage me and give me modifications all while increasing my balance. There are so many things I never thought I’d be able to do once I saw them and now I do them with weights and love them. Tommy and Henry never let me give up on myself and THAT is why RockBox is my home."

  •  - Rosheena H.
    Rosheena H. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "Ok so first let me start off by saying this place is AMAZING! If anybody had a bad review or didn’t fall in love with this place it’s simply because they were not willing to live a healthy lifestyle and not serious/ determined to lose weight. Let me tell you why this place is so great. Three words; CARING, FUN, and SUCCESS! I’ve tried many different things to go about losing weight but have never been so successful until completing this challenge. Was I scared going into this, absolutely but I couldn’t be more happy now and don’t regret a second of it. This place is unmatched when it comes to the workouts, accountability, and feeling like a family. Not only will you lose the weight but your body will feel better than ever. I could go on and on but let me say if you believe in yourself and up for a challenge then anything is achievable. Thank you Henry, Tommy, Jordan, Roger, and Steve for always kicking my butt! And thank you to all the coaches that were there every step of the way. BEST 6 WEEKS OF MY LIFE!"

  •  - Lauren S.
    Lauren S. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "I hope this post will inspire someone to change their lifestyle for the better!!!! Before I started this journey I had a million excuses as
    to why I “couldn’t” get into shape. I was too busy, too stressed, and too comfortable. But all of those excuses went out the window when I signed up for the RockBox Fitness 6-Week Transformation Challenge. This experience lit a fire I never knew I had. The trainers are more than caring and helpful, they are there to push you when you need
    it. Rockbox has also introduced me to some amazing people who I now consider more than just classmates. I am the same weight I was my freshman year of High School and on top of that, I can kick your ass!!! In just 6 weeks I lost 5.3% body fat and 15 pounds. So let’s stop with the excuses and buck up. Change your life because you deserve it."

  •  - Erin N.
    Erin N. RockBox Fitness Huntersville

    "RockBox has been awesome for me. I signed up to do a 6 Week Challenge and was so impressed that I decided to join. The trainers are amazing, the music is fun and the workouts are tough! I love that it is such a diverse group of people working out together. All different ages, experience, and fitness levels. It’s a really positive community environment that encourages and supports each other no matter where you’re at. I love that you’re not doing reps and sets. There is no time to get bored with what you’re doing bc it changes every minute. I highly recommend RockBox to anyone looking to try something different and get in great shape."

  •  - Alexis S.
    Alexis S. RockBox Fitness Mount Pleasant

    "How much weight have you lost with RockBox?
    I am down 37 lbs since joining the challenge.

    How has RockBox changed your life (confidence level, energy level, personal relationships, etc)?
    This gave me exactly what I was looking for, which was accountability. Committing to a lifestyle change, I wanted to get my energy level back up, lose weight, and eat healthier. All of those things happened in my first week. Confidence boosted! I became more committed. I made sure I exercised watched what I consumed. I have learned many healthier food choices that I actually enjoy eating. This has restored my love of cooking. I enjoy making new dishes. My energy level skyrocketed. I am always on the go now. Working night shifts I look forward to working out after work. I have also been able to get back into yoga. RockBox was a great choice for me. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. The trainers are such an awesome group. Emily has a great positive energy that keeps you motivated. She always checks in and assists in any way to aid in reaching your goal."

  •  - Donna M.
    Donna M. RockBox Fitness Pacific Beach

    "How much weight have you lost with RockBox?
    Lost 56 lbs total with RockBox, completing and winning 2 consecutive 6-week challenges.

    How has RockBox changed your life (confidence level, energy level, personal relationships, etc)?
    I absolutely recommend this place! I completed the 6-Week Challenge. It was tough at first but the results have been amazing! Not only did I lose 26.2 lbs in 6 weeks, but I also gained energy, focus, and confidence! The instructors are all amazing and friendly. It’s a fun atmosphere with music and a challenge."

  •  - Phil K.
    Phil K. RockBox Fitness Pacific Beach

    "How much weight have you lost with RockBox?
    Lost 23.2 lbs and 10% body fat.

    How has RockBox changed your life (confidence level, energy level, personal relationships, etc)?
    RockBox has made me more focused on my health and wellness making me overall happier and more confident. Right before RockBox always felt uncomfortable wearing tank tops or taking my shirt off at the beach. Now, without hesitation, the shirt comes off. Through RockBox, I found my fitness family. The accountability created by trainers like Joel and Halle is amazing. I no longer dreaded going to class but looked forward to it. The community is amazing as well. My workout out partner pushes me every class. And, I know if I am not in class, I can expect at least 10 texts asking where I am.
    Overall, I feel happier, healthier, and have created lifelong relationships that I know will continue to keep me in that state."

  •  - Donna
    Donna RockBox Fitness Pacific Beach

    "How much weight have you lost with RockBox?
    29 lbs down!! 20 more to go.

    How has RockBox changed your life (confidence level, energy level, personal relationships, etc)?
    RockBox has given me hope again. 50lbs overweight, 3 kids, working crazy hours, and dealing with major healthcare issues in the family – I had essentially given up and accepted this is just me. RockBox embraced me from the beginning and the entire staff couldn’t have been more supportive emotionally and physically in helping me to earn my confidence and learning to love myself again!

    My father passed one month into training and I wanted to just crawl back into my old self and retreat to unhealthy eating and drinking. Instead, I went to a class the next day and thoroughly punched the bag and probably cried through the majority of the workout but never stopped!

    I have been a member of many gyms and this one is by far the best! Everyone knows your name and friendly but ready to push you every time you walk through the door. RockBox has made me a better mother by far to my kids! I had so much support from fiancé, Michael, so I didn’t feel guilty that I wasn’t rushing home to them, to put myself first. So this was definitely a team effort but couldn’t be happier!!

    The dreaded age factor was terrifying until this gym opened!!! I didn’t think I could have abs at 48 years old, so now embracing the number!

    Thank you ROCKBOX FAMILY!!

    I have been maintaining the weight for nearly a year now, with a much more enjoyable diet than I had before. My aerobic endurance has increased and energy levels too."

  • Michael RockBox Fitness Rochester

    "Gosh, what’s not to love about this? It’s just so super amazing. It’s just, I’m really happy that someone thought, “You know I have this crazy idea: there should be a place where people go and get their workout on. Now, here’s the kicker- we’ll make it a fun place to go and people will want to do it just for the fun factor. Of course this is just the start. We should also get a super star staff who work really hard to operate one of the greatest places in the world where it’s super hard not to smile. I’m sure with this idea I’ll have millions of dollars, a gold house and a rocket car.” Seriously though, this place is amazing. You both walk in and leave happy. It’s just super weird how one little boxing studio can have such a huge impact on people’s lives."

  • Katie SW RockBox Fitness Rochester

    "Rockbox has been a life changer for me in more ways than just exercise. It's motivation. It's family. It's friends. It's socializing. It's a way of life. This isn't just your run of the mill gym membership. There is always encouragement from the trainers and members alike. There's no pressure from anyone to do more, or less, than what you are capable of doing in the moment. Do you need to take it easy for the class? Do it! Are you feeling especially motivated to accomplish more? Do it! There is no judgement. Only positivity. There are social events for the gym to get to know the members better and friendships have been made, and will be made, make no mistake! When/if the time comes that can no longer keep up with this workout regimen, I know that I have made lifelong friends from simply keeping healthy."

  • Valerie RockBox Fitness Rochester

    "If you haven't been to a class - you are missing out on probably one of the best and most fun workouts ever! I never get bored with the variety of power days, strength days, and my favorite - speed days! And you will not find a more welcoming group of coaches and members anywhere. Our coaches are the best - always helpful and making sure we are doing things correctly (and adding their own style of fun into each workout). I started with just hopes of losing some weight - but what I got was SO much more. I feel more toned, energetic, strong and confident! I often tell people it is my time, my "therapy hour" -- with all the action, it's hard to focus on anything other than what your next punch or kick is going to be. :) And our crew is always doing fun stuff in the gym (theme weeks, etc), as well as social activities outside the gym. And of course, there's the just never know what your gonna get - but it will always keep you moving. Love this place!!"

  • Anonymous RockBox Fitness Rochester

    "It doesn't matter what your level, age, or abilities are; rockbox Rochester accepts all. I'm not a stranger to fitness and rockbox is the best workout I've ever gotten! The staff and other members are a huge bonus! Very encouraging and they know when to push you harder. Plus, you get to hit things! Healthy stress relief"

  • Valerie RockBox Fitness Rochester

    "Love this place and the great coaches and members ! Never the same workout and awesome music to keep you movin. Get in for a class ——u won’t regret it !."

  • Cassie McGreevy RockBox Fitness Rochester

    "I love that RockBox has flexible class schedules and a holistic approach to health. Coaches and staff here are knowledgeable and motivating. RockBox is a great environment to set yourself up for health success. I recommend trying fitness classes here for a great full-body workout in Rochester, MN."

  • Maggie G. RockBox Fitness South End

    "I got started with RockBox when my former roommate found an ad and she sent it to me and we decided we wanted to go check it out. Little did I know that 4 months down the road I would be 40 lbs lighter and loving every bit of being in such a wonderful community full of people that not only push you but encourage you and lift you up every step of the way. I really have found a family with RockBox and I love it."

  •  - Brandi
    Brandi RockBox Fitness Steele Creek

    "When you started, what were you hoping to gain from becoming a member?
    For me, I was hoping to get back on track and find an outlet to focus on myself for a change. Being a care-taker can be hard on your mind and your body. It was the perfect way to put some sweat equity back into my life and give myself an hour in the day to focus on myself for a change.

    What does being a RockBoxer mean to you?
    Being a RockBoxer means strength and accountability. If I went out of town and didn’t let the team know– they were texting me to see where I was. That’s a great accountability partner to have. Personally, it was a step back into normalcy. I had let my life get off-track due to my husband’s illness and it was the perfect way to start focusing on myself again.

    How has RockBox changed your life?
    RockBox has been more than just hitting the bags– they’ve taught me about nutrition as well. I learned about my body type and what foods I should be eating to give myself fuel. It’s also an insane stress-reliever. The mix up between hitting the bags and functional workouts each day really helped me focus on strength and endurance by mixing cardio and weights."

  •  - Yash
    Yash RockBox Fitness University

    "How did you get started with RockBox?
    I saw an ad on Instagram for the six-week challenge. And honestly, it was not the first ad I had seen for a gym but it was the first one I responded to for some reason. Long story short, I showed up for the orientation for the six-week challenge, ended up signing up for a membership from the start and never looked back.

    What does being a RockBoxer mean to you?
    Being a RockBoxer to me is showing up. That’s the one thing I have learned from Rock Box. No matter how intimidated, tired, depressed, or demotivated I felt, I showed up to RockBox every day and I found that if I just showed up, all I had to do for the next 50 minutes is to put in the work. As Erin Suarez likes to say, the time is going to pass whether you put in the work or not. So why not give it my best while I am there but that doesn’t work unless I show up to class.

    How has RockBox changed your life?
    RockBox has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. Physically, I am stronger, leaner, faster than I have ever been in my life. I still have a long way to go before I hit my goal and RockBox gave me the foundation to start right and reach my goal someday very soon. Mentally, I am a lot more disciplined after a year and a half of working out at RockBox. It has helped me control my anxiety, helped me boost my confidence and overall, just feel better every single day no matter what is going on in life and at work."

  •  - Jesi
    Jesi RockBox Fitness University

    "My favorite thing about being a RockBoxer is the energy in every single gym. Each member brings a different type of energy to get you hype and ready to workout like you never would have before. I love going to RockBox to get that energy refill.

    I am a RockBoxer because of the community it created. We cheer each other on both in the gym and out of the gym and I love that atmosphere. It’s amazing to see all of these people going through their fitness journey and being able to support one another."

  •  - Lane O. & Debbie
    Lane O. & Debbie RockBox Fitness Waverly

    "How did you get started with RockBox?
    Lane: My “baby sister,” Debbie Vitale (pictured right), and I decided to give it a try as RockBox in Blakeney was opening and the location was between our two houses. It was a great way for us to be able to schedule time together and both get in better shape. We would manage to connect before or after to hang out for a little while, so it was great on many levels.

    When you started, what were you hoping to gain from becoming a member?
    Lane: When I joined RockBox, I was hoping to lose some weight, get in better shape, and work out with Debbie – but it definitely turned into more than that. I have always loved playing sports, and always hated working out – find working out incredibly boring. I looked forward to RockBox like it is a sport, even though it is clearly a workout!

    How much weight have you lost with RockBox?
    Debbie: Almost embarrassed to admit… I have lost 40 pounds! 😳 Also Changed to plant-based diet… the combo of RB & diet allowed me to go off medications for blood pressure & cholesterol. My energy level is awesome! I feel very strong & capable! I really enjoy being outdoors, and feel great now when climbing, cycling, playing tennis etc!

    How has RockBox changed your life (confidence level, energy level, personal relationships, etc)?
    Debbie: I have not felt this good since battling breast cancer and a heart attack and other health issues & surgeries…and I was actually working out pretty intensely at another (boutique) gym during those times. The community & instruction plus encouragement at RockBox was what I needed to finally get myself back into “Fight” Mode!!!

    I am happy to say I have lost 8 pounds since Lane and I did our photos together in March 👏👏👏


  •  - Tiffany
    Tiffany RockBox Fitness Waverly

    "How did you get started with RockBox?
    I got started with Rockbox because I was looking for a new gym. … A friend said to come check this place out, you’re going to love it. I was a serious cardio junkie and this was a workout that I could do to get my cardio fill and get stronger…win, win!

    When you started, what were you hoping to gain from becoming a member?
    I really wanted to get stronger after that first class. I was like OMG I’m so weak I want to be able to do a good pushup, now I can do LOTS of good pushups!"

  •  - John T.
    John T. RockBox Scottsdale

    "I changed careers in 2017. Gave up a physically demanding job for a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 desk job. Good job, good pay, good benefits. But 6 months into it I noticed muscle loss and flab. As time progressed so did the deterioration of my health and body. Just like that, it went from bad to worse. I came back from a lunch meeting and had a stroke at work!

    A barrage of tests would also determine I was now diabetic. Scared to even blink for fear of a second not so recoverable stroke, I sat at home to terrified to move.

    In September 2019, an ad for a fitness challenge came across my computer screen. Free! But what was the catch? The catch was, how badly did I want my life back. You see, the year prior was not a very good one, which led to a downward spiraling of depression. I made the call and showed up for the initial consultation. Wait, what? Kickboxing?

    I was 54, fat, 100lbs overweight, and afraid of life. Who starts to do kickboxing at that age? I thought long and hard and believed what I was told and so the journey began. It was my reason to get up and leave the house. It made me social again. It started me back on a journey of proper eating. My coach and the staff kept me grounded and grateful, pushing me every step of the way. The encouragement was what kept me going. 3 days a week became 4, then 5 and 6. I even did some back to back classes! Then, the challenge was done. Almost a 7% body fat loss, 10lbs of muscle added but only a 5 lbs weight loss. But I also lost a lot of mind fat! I learned to change bad habits and keep moving forward. My doctors were shocked at my next appointment. My A1C numbers for my sugars were dropping, as they were high back in the beginning. My balance is still questionable but I just listen to my body.

    I am still a work in progress, but my life has been forever changed. I have told the staff how awesome they are, and the sign out front that says “We Change Lives” should read “We SAVE Lives”!

    As of my last blood work, my A1C has dropped to just above diabetic levels. I am hoping in the next few months to be non-diabetic. Good diet and exercise, mixed with great people, and positive encouragement will get me there!

    P.S. Just so you all know how much I love this place, I made them hire me! To date, I am now down 25lbs."

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