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Personal Training

Individualized Attention to Help You Crush Your Goals

Looking for some one-on-one attention? Though our trainers and fitness coaches guide you through each of our top-rated boxing-based classes, sometimes a little extra attention can help you excel. RockBox Fitness has you covered.

Some of our studios offer members private and semi-private boxing and fitness training sessions. You can schedule these workouts outside our regularly scheduled classes and work with whichever boxing trainer you believe will best fit your needs.

Crush your fitness goals with one of our boxing personal trainers. Contact a RockBox studio near you to learn more.

How Our Personal Boxing Trainers Can Help YOU

RockBox fitness trainer working with a member during a workout

Looking to find a boxing trainer near you who can help your fitness goals? Look no further! RockBox offers both private and semi-private training sessions to guide you toward YOUR version of fitness success.

From boxing basics coaching to functional strength and conditioning training, our certified experts are ready to elevate your fitness to the next level.

With exclusive access to the entire RockBox arena, there is no limit to the tools or resources you’ll have access to during your sessions.

Find a personal boxing trainer near you at your local RockBox Fitness location. Our personal trainers are for everyone at every fitness level.

What Are The Benefits of a Kickboxing Personal Trainer?

Let's be honest - hitting fitness goals can seem like a pretty huge hurdle. Who's going to be there to help you set realistic goals and help push you along the way? Our personal boxing trainers, of course. Below are some of the benefits of hiring our personal trainers.

Individualized Attention

Personal training creates a space for you to build a unique relationship with your favorite studio trainer.

During these private and semi-private sessions, your trainer can have all of their focus on you. They can assess your body, cater to injuries, and provide workouts that are tailored specifically to your goals.

Ideal for Beginners!

While personal training can benefit anyone on a health and fitness journey, it can have a large impact on those who are beginners in the scene. Are you new to the health and fitness train?

Working with a certified trainer will provide you with the extra help you need when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident, mastering your form, and learning your body’s limitations and strengths.

Help You Set & Crush Your Goals

Let's face it - hitting big goals usually start with setting and hitting small goals. Our personal trainers will help you set your ideal goals.

We'll be with you every step of the way as you crush your long-term goals. We'll even be there with you to help you celebrate the momentous occasion!

Whether you're new to fitness or a veteran, our private boxing personal trainers are for you. Learn more at your local RockBox Fitness studio!

Personal Trainers for Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Private sessions provide a one-on-one training environment, while semi-private sessions can allow a small group of members to interact and work with a trainer.

These sessions can vary in duration, depending on your needs, and are a great addition to our accountability coaching services, as your coach will have the ability to work with you directly during the workout to keep you on track.

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