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Beginners Guide to Boxing/ Kickboxing Gloves

By: RockBox Fitness
Category: Fitness

Beginners Guide to Boxing/ Kickboxing Gloves

Looking to explore boxing or kickboxing for fitness? Equip yourself with the knowledge on the difference between boxing gloves and why they matter to your fitness level. Discover how various weights can protect your hands from any harm and enhance the benefits of the sport. Step up your game with our guide on boxing gloves.

So What Is The Point Of Wearing Boxing Gloves?

Simply put, boxing gloves serve two main purposes—protection and power. The padding in the gloves absorbs the force of your punches and protects your hands from any harm. In addition to that, the weight of the glove helps you deliver more powerful punches without risking injury to your hands. It's why professional boxers only ever fight with gloves on; it's an essential part whether you're boxing for a sport or for fitness!


How To Choose A Pair Of Boxing Gloves

Not all boxing gloves are the same, especially if you're into kickboxing. To find the perfect pair for your needs, first consider the weight. Gloves range from 10 oz to 20 oz and the lighter ones are easier to swing, while heavier and more padded gloves allow you to pack a punch without injuring yourself. At your local RockBox studio, our experienced trainers can guide you in choosing from our 12oz and 14oz gloves to help you crush your goals.


How Long Should My Gloves Last?

When taken care of properly, boxing gloves should last you 1+ years! Here are a few tips to preserve the lifespan of your gloves. First, wipe your gloves with a natural cleaning spray after every class to remove germs and preserve the material. Use a soft cotton cloth and a paper towel to wipe away any excess spray. Next, dry your gloves with a fan or air dryer. Not only does this speed up the drying process and prevent odors, but it also helps maintain their natural shape. The air dryer will absorb all moisture inside the gloves and prevent any germs buildup. Finally, store your gloves in a cool and dry place. Don't keep them in your gym bag, as moisture can shorten their lifespan. With proper care, your boxing gloves will stay clean, fresh, and perform at their best.

Protect your hands and ensure safety in our classes with the right gloves. Whether you're starting out or a seasoned pro, RockBox Fitness can guide you in choosing the perfect pair of gloves that align with your fitness goals. Trust our trainers to equip you for optimal performance!

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