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Member Spotlight: Meet Kiara

By: RockBox Fitness
Category: Testimonials

Kiara provides a testimonial for Rockbox

Committing to a lifestyle change isn’t easy, but it sure is possible. 

Kiara, a founding member of RockBox Fitness in Mooresville, NC, is just the proof you need. 

She started rocking back in 2019 when RockBox Fitness first emerged in her city. Before RockBox, Kiara, like many, was obsessed with cardio. Running 2 miles a day and neglecting strength and resistance training, she found herself not only bored but without any serious progress. 

Upon joining RockBox, Kiara weighed in at 165 pounds. Just a year after hitting the bag and doing quite a few burpees, she was down to 120 pounds. While this kind of progress is absolutely incredible, Kiara is one of many who have experienced life-changing weight loss through RockBox Fitness’ unique workout regimen. 

However, Kiara’s story doesn’t stop there. 

She was not only in love with the workout and married to the journey, but she was enthused and motivated by the community as a whole. 

This is what brought her to speak to the owner of her location about assuming a position at the gym. Soon after, Kiara went from being a loyal member to working at the front desk, where she was able to help others from the moment they took their first step into the gym. 

And you guessed it… her story isn’t finished yet. 

While working at the front desk, Kiara felt an even greater calling: to coach. 

Today, Kiara is on the mic and rocking her very own classes. She is now the same source of accountability for members that she once received from her very own RockBox coaches. 

She says, “This is what I was destined to be. I truly feel blessed to be a part of this.”

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