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How to Make the Most of An Accountability Buddy in Fitness

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& Why You Need an Accountability Buddy in Your Life

When it comes to trying to create and stick with healthy habits, like getting active regularly, there is a difference between a friend to workout with an and accountability buddy. Whereas a friend might spark some inspiration, an accountability buddy becomes a partnership. You’re focusing on goals and consistency above all, and it’s going to be the biggest game changer on your fitness journey.

Plus, your mental health will benefit.

An accountability partner (or small group) is someone who you will work with to create goals, checking in regularly to help ensure that you’re each following the plan.

No matter how much you want to improve your fitness, it’s easy to find excuses to skip days. Self-motivation is powerful, but sometimes, having that extra help from another person is what makes all the difference in staying on track to crush your goals. And it can be easier to convince yourself that you should cancel than it is to bail on someone else who is counting on you. So when internal motivation falls short, let external inspiration offer the extra encouragement you need.

What to Look for in An Accountability Partner

While you don’t need to find someone who is on the same fitness journey as you, there are things to prioritize before you ask someone to buddy with you. For one, remember that you’re not looking for a pal to hang out with, you’re searching for a partner. Whether it’s someone you know or a professional trainer, be sure you’re finding someone motivated.

When you’re choosing your accountability buddy, look for someone that you feel confident will:

  • Set and maintain ground rules – Examples of these might be how often you’re checking in together, the way you communicate, and whether either of you want advice, motivation, or both.
  • Establish SMART goals with you – Being strategic about the way you set goals is what will help you accomplish them faster.
  • Stay organized with you – Tracking progress will help keep the motivation going, so it’s beneficial to find a way that you can document what’s happening.
  • Create a system that works – Maybe you’re motivated by rewards, and your partner can work with you to find a rewards/consequences system that helps you stay on track.

How to Check-in With Your Accountability Buddy

There are several ways that you can create a partnership, and the important part is to find something that works for everyone involved.

Some ideas for checking in with your fitness partner are:

  • A quick text to make sure workouts are done for the day
  • Choosing the same online fitness video to complete even if you’re not together
  • Meeting to talk about how a workout went after it’s complete

You Can Join Classes, Too!

Another way of having accountability in your fitness journey is to dabble in new adventures, like group classes. You’ll find people who inspire you and get you excited to come back, plus the support from others in your group might spark the idea to exchange numbers and follow up with each other.

Even if you don’t go to in person classes, virtual groups are also highly effective solutions. Studies show that there is a strong correlation between the social network we create and the spread of health behavior change. Finding yourself an accountability partnership may just be the next best step. At RockBox Fitness, our difference lies in the choices of guidance and accountability you receive – we’re here to help if you’re ready to find a professional accountability coach!

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