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Welcome Warm Weather With This Killer Outdoor Workout

By: RockBox Fitness
Category: Fitness

Woman stretches outdoors

The best way to celebrate spring is to step outside. Embrace the nice weather and enjoy the blissful warmth before unbearably hot summer days roll around. 

So, the next time the weather forecast is favorable, commit to exercising outside. Whether you do so in your yard or at the park, nothing beats a sweat session in the sun. 

Not sure where to begin? Try out this killer outdoor workout. With no equipment needed, you can do it from anywhere. 


This workout is a fun one, offering a unique ladder structure that will keep your body moving, the sweat coming, and your mind engaged. The individual exercises are labeled 1 through 12. The number of each exercise correlates to the number of reps you should do of that particular exercise. Start with exercise #1. From there, do exercise #1 again, followed by exercise #2. Start back up again and go through exercises #1, #2, and #3, before you wind back up at exercise #1. Keep this pattern going until you get all the way through exercise #12. 

This workout will target your full body, so be sure to stretch your lower and upper body before beginning. 

EXERCISE #1 : 1 Burpee 

EXERCISE #2 : 2 Inch worms 

EXERCISE #3 : 3 Tuck jumps  

EXERCISE #4 : 4 Mountain climbers (each leg) 

EXERCISE #5 : 5 Jumping jacks 

EXERCISE #6 : 6 Reverse lunges (each leg) 

EXERCISE #7 : 7 Pushups 

EXERCISE #8 : 8 Russian twists

EXERCISE #9 : 9 Squat jumps 

EXERCISE #10 : 10 Crunches

EXERCISE #11 : 11 Leg raises 

EXERCISE #12 : 12 Sumo squats

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