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The Truth Behind These 3 Boxing Myths

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While boxing has been a sport for thousands of years since ancient Greece and has risen in popularity as a fitness workout with the help of RockBox and other boxing-based athletic facilities in the modern era, there are still a handful of boxing myths that create harmful misconceptions that cause people to miss out on all the benefits it can bring.

Here are three boxing-based myths and why you shouldn’t fall for them:

1. Myth: Boxing is Just Another Cardio Workout

“If you’re not doing boxing as a professional sport, it’s pointless and might as well be another cardio workout!”

In just one hour of high-intensity boxing, you can burn upwards of 1000 calories, which is probably why this myth about boxing only being good for cardio exists. Although boxing is often touted as a great calorie-burner exercise, it’s not the only upside – it also offers strength training!

Does Boxing Build Muscle?

Boxing does help you build muscle – and not in just the obvious spots, either. Throwing punches doesn’t only strengthen the muscle in your arms, chest, and shoulders, but boxing also helps build the muscle in your legs, hips, and core. This delivers a whole-body workout that is hard to come by without boxing.

2. Myth: Boxing at Home is as Effective as Going into a Boxing Studio

With the recent growth of at-home workout-based apps, programs, and even workout equipment, you may have grown to believe that doing something like boxing at home is just as effective as going into a boxing gym is.

Unfortunately, at-home boxing works may not be giving you a workout that is as effective as you may think, especially without the proper space, equipment, or boxing techniques. Joining a boxing-based fitness studio will give you the space and tools you need to get in shape without risking an injury or wasting your time with ineffective workout routines.

What Are the Benefits of Joining a Boxing Gym?

Joining a boxing studio benefits individuals in many ways:

  • Be a part of a local community of boxers and people that love fitness
  • Gain new motivation and accountability from a trusted boxing instructor
  • Get results faster with full-body workouts that burn serious calories
  • Workout without having to spend extra money on home equipment

3. Myth: You Have to Be in Good Shape to Box

A common myth heard for a long time in the boxing community is that you must be in good shape to start boxing. While the guys on TV that do it for a living may be in the best shape of their lives, this doesn’t mean you have to be at a certain level to join a boxing gym or even pick up a glove.

Anyone can box! It doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are, or how many times you’ve stepped foot in a gym: all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels can take a jab at boxing. All it takes is a commitment to show up, learn, grow, and give it all you got!

Ready to Give Boxing a Go? Give RockBox Fitness a Try!

At RockBox Fitness, we don’t give into these myths – instead, we look to uncover real truths about boxing-based fitness by providing the communities our gyms are located in with everything needed to get the results they’ve been dreaming of!

The specific aspects of your personal fitness journey may look different from others, but we’re confident that the boxing workout we offer at countless locations can help you reach your fitness goals!

Find your RockBox studio today to get started!

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