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Personal Training Vs. Group Fitness: What Style Training Best Suits Your Goals?

By: RockBox Fitness
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Group fitness class performs push ups

The benefits of working out consistently are incredible. Your physical and mental health will improve as you exercise commitment, build strength, and break a sweat. 

While there are so many ways to get a good workout in, if you are going into the gym, you will often have a few different options for training style. In most cases, you can do group fitness classes or personal training. 

Both group fitness and personal training have their unique benefits and pose different growth opportunities for your fitness. Depending on where you are in your fitness journey, how you source your motivation, and what your goals are, you may be more compatible with one over the other. For most of us, both group fitness and personal training are phenomenal options that will challenge your mind and body in different ways, pushing you to tackle your fitness goals like never before.

Consider these benefits of group fitness and personal training and use it to determine the style of training that works best for you. If both styles speak to you and your goals, consider implementing a blend of the two and work towards being consistent with a versatile training regimen that will push you to become the healthiest and fittest version of you.  


The benefits of exercising in a group are profound and can be transformational to your health and fitness. First and foremost, group training offers the motivation you need on the days when you can’t quite generate it yourself. When music is blaring and you are surrounded by people who have fitness goals of their own, the energy is contagious. No matter how tired or unmotivated you are when you step foot into the gym, if you are attending group fitness classes, you can count on your fellow athletes to get your head in the game. So, if you are someone who struggles to put in 110% during your workouts, group fitness is a solid solution that will get your energized to break a sweat. 


Personal training creates a space for you to cultivate a unique relationship with a certified trainer. It is during one-on-one time that your trainer can have all of their focus on you. They can assess your body, cater to injuries, and provide workouts that are tailored specifically to your goals. While personal training can benefit anyone on a health and fitness journey, it can be very impactful for those who are beginners in the scene. If you are new to the health and fitness train, working with a certified trainer will provide you with the extra help you need when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident, mastering your form, and learning your body’s limitations and strengths.  


Do the benefits of both personal training and group fitness appeal to you? If so, small group training is a fantastic training style to implement into your workout routine. In a small group training session, you can expect to be working out alongside 3 to 5 other individuals. It provides a blend of the benefits of personal training and group training that will keep you motivated while ensuring you have the attention you need from a trainer. It is truly the best of both workout worlds! 

Find out what training styles gyms near you offer and commit to a workout routine that best suits your fitness goals.  

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