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How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

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What Are Hand Wraps?

There are several different kinds of hand wraps that boxers use, but in essence they are cloth bands you wrap around your hands and wrists and wear under boxing gloves.

The most common kinds of wraps used in training are made of cotton and come in different lengths. You may want longer wraps if you have bigger hands, so you don’t run out of material or for a little more padding.

There are also different kinds of gel slip-on hand wraps, which require minimal effort to put on and are worn almost like a second pair of gloves underneath your actual boxing gloves. Although these may seem like the most simple and convenient options, there are some disadvantages to gel wraps. They usually don’t provide as much support to your wrist, and many boxers find them to be too thick. It’s generally better to avoid these and take the time to learn how to properly use traditional wraps.

The Benefits of Wearing Hand Wraps

There are numerous reasons to wear hand wraps underneath your gloves when boxing. First and foremost, wraps will provide an extra layer of protection to your hands and wrists, and particularly your knuckles. They help protect the ligaments and tendons in your hands and support your wrist joints.

This is especially important for beginner boxers. Even in boxing-based fitness classes when you won’t be sparring with a partner, wraps will help protect you from the demands of punching and bag work. Additionally, wraps can keep sweat out of your gloves and keep them smelling fresh.

How to Properly Wear Your Wraps

While wraps are an important piece of boxing equipment, they can be a bit confusing for an inexperienced boxer. It’s important to learn how to wear them properly early on so you can prevent injury, especially when you are training with a heavy bag. This will help you protect your hands as you get used to punching, and also allow you to punch with more power.

Follow the steps below to properly wear your wraps:

  1. Unroll your wraps and start with one hand by putting your thumb through the loop.
  2. Pull the wrap around the back of your wrist and wrap it 3-4 times.
  3. Next, wrap your hand 3-4 times, keeping the wrap even and flat.
  4. Secure your thumb by wrapping around the base and the top, and then wrapping around your wrist once for support.
  5. Starting in between your pinky finger and ring finger, wrap from the inside of your wrist and then around each of your fingers.
  6. Once your fingers are all secure, wrap once more around your hand and then wrist.
  7. Wrap the remaining material around your wrist and secure it with the Velcro.
  8. Test your wrap by throwing some punches and seeing if the wrap is too tight or too loose. It should be snug enough that it doesn’t move around but doesn’t restrict movement.

It might take you a while to master the art of the hand wrap, but it’s well worth the effort. If you want to be able to reap all the physical and mental health benefits of boxing, it’s important to stay injury free so you can train consistently. Correctly utilizing your hand wraps will allow you to keep throwing punches and getting stronger.

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