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How Can I Increase My Boxing Stamina?

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Boxing requires large bursts of energy, followed by periods of rest, making it hard for beginners to find the stamina and endurance needed to last, whether facing an opponent or just shadowboxing. This fast pace can take a large toll on the body unless you’re a seasoned athlete or a pro boxer.

Why is Stamina Important in Boxing?

You might not be moving around much while boxing, but the fast pace and physical movement during a boxing workout can require a lot. After a certain point, you might find it harder to dodge or punch and then get hit, which is why stamina is so important to amateur and professional boxers alike.

How to Improve Stamina & Endurance in Boxing

To help you last longer during your boxing matches or training sessions, RockBox Fitness has gathered several tricks, tips, and exercises to improve stamina and endurance while boxing.

Focus on Cardio Exercises

Boxing is often used to burn calories and get your heart rate up just like other good cardiovascular exercises. Still, high-intensity cardio can also help you improve your overall stamina and endurance while boxing.

Some of the most common exercises for boxers looking to improve overall athletic stamina include:

  • Long-distancing running
  • Sprinting
  • Jumping rope
  • Swimming
  • Sparring

Regardless of your favorite way to do cardio, participating in these types of exercises can help you build up the stamina you need during boxing. When adding any of these workouts to your normal routine, it’s important to start small and build upon what you’re comfortable doing to prevent injuries and exhaustion.

Try a New Punching Bag

An often-overlooked way to increase your boxing stamina – and to just mix up your workout – is practicing with different types of punching bags.

You might try the following options:

  • Heavy Workout Bag – A heavy workout bag can easily weigh between 70 and 150 pounds. Due to their size, they’re perfect for boxers looking to increase their overall stamina. Even hitting these bags for only 10 minutes at a time, with a few minutes’ rest in between, can help you improve punching stamina and dodging.
  • Speed Bag – Working with a speed bag can help increase your arm’s endurance. While they’re called speed bags, the real key is to not punch as quickly as you can but instead at a steady speed. This ensures you’re making proper contact with each swing for a long period of time. See how long you can last!

Regular intervals with new punching bags can improve your punching speed, dodging ability, and endurance during boxing workouts.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You’ve probably been told repeatedly that practice makes perfect, but if you’re looking to improve your athletic stamina and endurance to box better, it’s no different. A wealth of benefits come with creating a fitness routine for yourself every week, including a gradual increase in how long you’re able to last while boxing.

Work with a Trusted Boxing Based Fitness Studio

Enlisting the help of a boxing coach or local boxing gym can grant you the additional motivation and accountability needed to continue practicing, too! At RockBox Fitness, we rely on a dynamic combination of traditional boxing, strength-based exercising, and personal fitness coaching to punch, kick, pull, and move your way to success!

Don’t delay – find your local RockBox Fitness studio today to learn more about our boxing workouts!

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