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Fitness Trends for 2022

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What is the next fitness fad?

What is the future of the fitness industry?

These are the questions we ask ourselves, not because we need to stay trendy, but because fitness evolves. And it’s a good idea to give your workout regime a refresh every so often, so you can stay in control of your wellness. One small change could be the thing that shifts you into a healthier mindset or inspires you to keep going.

Survey Says… These are the Latest Hot Topics in Fitness

Now that we’re barely *checks calendar* two months into the new year, we can already see the changes happening for the better.

So, let’s discuss the different trends having their moment in 2022.

Wearable Tech

Activity trackers have been a favorite for a long time, and they’re only getting better.

As the number one trend of 2022, wearable technology offers helpful information for:

  • Step Counts
  • Heart Rate
  • Body Temperature
  • Calories
  • Sitting Time
  • Active Time
  • Blood Pressure
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Electrocardiogram

Some tech options can even tell you if it’s a good day to get active, or if your body needs a rest period.

Hybrid Memberships

If there’s one takeaway from last year, it’s knowing that some people really value remote and/or hybrid options for work and personal activities. And the gym is no exception. When you don’t want to or lack the time to shlep off to your local fitness center, it’s convenient to hop into a virtual session instead. Not only does this save time on commuting, but it also serves as a way to be consistent with your workouts.

Low Impact Exercise

Row, row, row your rowing machine…

Strengthening exercises that are less harsh are becoming more popular to help you work with your body instead of against it. And even in a RockBox Fitness session, you’ll get time dedicated for low-impact moves. Combining functional movement with boxing-based training is a great way to balance your activity. Plus, it’s great for your heart health.

Outdoor Workouts

Especially since there are limitations on many indoor spaces due to COVID-19, getting outside has become increasingly more common. Whether you’re heading out for an afternoon hike, a jog through the neighborhood, or a group bike ride, you’re getting the benefits of exercise plus the naturally uplifting feeling from being in nature.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

It seems that both low-impact and high-intensity training are going to be very popular. The good news is that you can combine them depending on your abilities, preferences, and goals.

HIIT is going to bring the benefits of an intense workout in a shorter burst of time. Plus, it doesn’t require equipment – you can use your body weight to feel the burn.

Holistic Practices

Mental health has always been important to prioritize, and it’s hitting the top of people’s list in 2022. As people are placing focus on the mind and body together, there will be more wellness coaching, goal-setting, and supportive practices to help in both the short- and long-term. This includes enlisting a personal coach to offer guidance and inspiration.

Group Fitness

Whether you’re getting together with friends to kickbox, power walk, or squeeze in a session of hot yoga, group fitness is having a moment this year. Plus, group fitness is not limited to people you know – many people sign up for classes at RockBox Fitness and make lifelong friends to stay fit with, even though they started as strangers.

Exercise for Weight Loss

Several types of diets have had their time in the spotlight, but now exercise is taking the helm. Whether from real or perceived weight gain during the pandemic lockdown or for another reason, incorporating a workout plan into your routine to lose weight is becoming increasingly popular. Tough yet effective workouts like boxing-based fitness are an ideal choice for delivering weight loss (especially in combination with a healthy food relationship).

Want to learn more about taking control of your fitness? Reach out today!

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