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Everything You Need to Know About Teardrop Punching Bags

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The Pros and Cons of the Boxing Wrecking Ball

Also known as the wrecking ball, teardrop punching bags are massively useful for workouts, and anyone from the newest fighter to the pros can make the most of these heavy bags. As the name indicates, these bags form the shape of a teardrop, hanging down and getting wider toward the base.

Since teardrop bags are smaller in size and multifunctional, they’re more cost-effective, especially for beginners looking to invest in equipment. Traditionally, weighted bags are not the easiest f

Teardrop punching bags can be hung strategically so that drills can be done with both punching and kicking, instead of purchasing and finding space for two bags or switching equipment at a studio. And since they’re both smaller and lighter than a traditional heavy bag, they’re easier to put up and take down at home.

Though the bag is still considered a heavy bag for hitting purposes, it’s soft and free-hanging, making it less impactful on your hands and shoulders – easier to recover and continue drilling. It’s great for movement because of the way the teardrop swings, letting you weave in and around to sneak hits.

What Do Teardrop Punching Bags Improve?

Ultimately, you’re working your hands, knees, and kicks while getting uppercuts in that improve overall conditioning and technique.

Develop Your Speed

Since the bag swings quickly, your response times will become quicker as you form muscle memory. Simulating the reflexes of boxing with an opponent, teardrop bags help you hone your footwork and nimbly navigate your rounds. You’ll keep your feet moving while you dance around the bag, gaining speed as you improve.

Strengthen Your Kicks

With a focus on low kicks, teardrop bags help you work out your knees and tone your legs while also gaining flexibility. As you kick, you’re using your core muscles to create a well-rounded workout that chisels the body and trims fat.

Perform More Complicated Maneuvers

Since teardrop bags let you get up close and personal, you can train for more complex movements to combat the “opponent”. A combination of short hooks, uppercuts, and body shots mixed with traditional Muay Thai clinch movements allow for repetitive, fast hits.

Drills With Teardrop Bags

It’s important to remember that these bags should be used for more than power shots. Using the weight of the bag as resistance to strengthen your shoulders and balance you as you use power shots, blend in lighter shots to create a rhythm.

Essentially, you’ll want to practice 2-3 minutes of nonstop rounds of attacking the bag, with moves such as:

  • Right low kicks
  • Right low kicks
  • Straight punches (alternating hands)
  • Left high kicks
  • Left low kicks
  • Right Hooks
  • Left Hooks
  • Knee strikes (alternating sides)

Are there any cons with the teardrop punching bag?

Negatives to this bag might depend on the type of movements you like to do, but it is more challenging to throw body shots due to the bag not being stationary. And there is debate about whether these bags are good for bobbing and weaving underneath between strikes, which ultimately comes down to preference. From implementing the Thai clench to work all areas of the knees to practicing uppercuts with ease, teardrop bags allow for easier combinations and getting the best workout.

While practicing with different types of punching bags is a lot of fun, and brings great benefits to your body and mind, don’t forget to properly wrap your hands or wear boxing gloves before hitting anything, and avoid making these common form mistakes. It’s the easiest precaution you can take to prevent injury!

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