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Boxing & Kickboxing: Sweat, Strength & Stress Relief

By: RockBox Fitness
Category: Fitness
woman punching mitts

There is nothing like walking into a loud and motivated workout space, wrapping up your hands, throwing gloves on, and striking a heavy bag to every beat that drops from the speaker. If you know, you know.

Boxing and kickboxing are unlike any other workout – empowering beyond belief, energizing, and self-motivating. Strength building and a cardiovascular challenge all in one. The benefits of this sport are endless and don’t stop at power and endurance.

Stress is something that each and everyone of us deal with. At times, it is an inevitable mental and physical emotion. Some of us are more prone to experiencing stress than others, but even those that would label themselves as low-stress individuals are no stranger to the implications that this emotion has on one’s well being.

There are countless remedies for stress. From meditating and eating simple and clean foods to talking to a friend and distracting oneself, it is abundantly clear that the list of restorative practices for combating stress is a mile long because it is personal! People respond differently to different treatments because the source of stress is specific to the individual.

With this said, if practices like meditation and therapy sessions aren’t helping you cope with and relieve your stress, let it be known that hitting a bag can do wonders. Boxing and kickboxing, regardless of whether you are in a room by yourself or in a class with 20 people, centers you. It is you and the bag, and everything in between is space where you can unleash any pent up emotion.

Man Kneeing Thai Bag

It is a common misconception that anger is the emotion that connects this sport to one’s well being. While feeling pent up anger is most definitely a good reason to jump into a kickboxing class, your stress, whether it be a product of trauma, depression, anxiety, confusion, or uncertainty, is a reason for you to step up to the bag, gloves on, ready to release.

The sport is a mental and physical challenge, testing your power, your strength, and endurance – a true full body workout. This means that throughout the entirety of your boxing or kickboxing session, your body is consistently releasing endorphins. In simplest terms, endorphins are chemicals that are released by our brain. They interact with our brain’s receptors, influencing our body’s perception of pain and other intense emotions. A flow of endorphins also triggers positive emotions, which can help to combat high levels of stress.

All in all, stress is not something to ignore. You can try out your first kickboxing class for free at the RockBox Fitness nearest you. Bring all of your energy, power, and motivation to the bag and relieve your stress like never before.

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