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  • Benefits of Franchising: Why It's Better Than Starting Ground-Up
    Entrepreneurship is a common dream, but rarely has a one-size-fits-all path to success. That’s partly because many business owners enter that journey for different reasons. Perhaps you’ve wanted to open your own business so you can have more control over your schedule, ...
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  • Investing in Gyms: Why Franchising Is a Stronger Investment
    Attention to our health and fitness is more important than ever. Many people re-evaluated the quality of their lives during the pandemic and discovered creating a work/life balance is essential to overall wellbeing. Working out is a key component of a healthier lifestyle. ...
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  • Investing in a Fitness Franchise: 6 Things to Consider
    The fitness industry offers business owners the chance to make money while doing good. Investing in a fitness franchise is a potentially lucrative opportunity to jump into a market that’s growing, due, in part, to a greater awareness of the need to be healthy that arose ...
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  • Kickboxing Franchise: What Are the Costs & Profitability?
    People are ready to get into shape physically and mentally. An estimated 60 million Americans have memberships to gyms, health clubs, and studios. That equates to roughly six billion gym visits per year. People of all demographics are dedicated to looking and feeling better. ...
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  • Circuit Training Franchise: Five Best Reasons to Own
    Circuit training’s reputation as a great workout continues to grow. You may be considering investing in a circuit training franchise, but first want to understand the concept in full. Let’s break it down. Circuit training combines cardio and strength training in short ...
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