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Six Satisfying Options for a Career in the Fitness Industry

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Nothing beats loving what you do. And for fitness enthusiasts who want their passion for getting fit to translate into a career, there have never been more options available. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the fitness industry is growing faster than other occupations, predicted to grow 19% by 2031. If you are considering a career in the fitness industry, here are just a few job opportunities.

Ways to Build a Career in the Fitness Industry

  1. Personal trainer: Professionally certified personal trainers may also have degrees in kinesiology, exercise science, or physical education. They assess a client’s fitness and design an appropriate training program to help clients meet their fitness goals.
  2. Health and wellness coach: After evaluating a client’s overall wellbeing, a coach will design a program promoting better fitness, nutritional, and behavioral habits and follow up to encourage client’s maintenance of their wellness program.
  3. Physical education teacher: Teaching in school settings, PE teachers often coach team sports as well as design individual and group exercise programs, teaching teamwork, developing sportsmanship, and building lifelong healthy fitness habits.
  4. Dietician: This area of fitness focuses on diet and nutrition. Dieticians assess a client’s needs and goals regarding a balanced diet and design meal plans that support healthy nutritional outcomes.
  5. Group fitness instructor: Working in gym and studio settings, group fitness instructors teach classes to students of various fitness levels in areas like yoga, barre, and Zumba.

Some Sacrifices to Keep in Mind

A career in the fitness industry can be rewarding. After all, you’re helping people become the best versions of themselves by taking care of their overall health. But the careers mentioned above can also involve some drawbacks—long hours, a salary cap, and financial unpredictability.

Many fitness jobs require you to work early mornings, evenings, weekends, and even holidays. People tend to exercise when they can squeeze it in around work and other responsibilities, so you must be available. This kind of schedule, missing out on weekend getaways, never sleeping in, and eating meals in your parked car, can get tiresome.

For those working as trainers on their own, you’re also just one person charging one fee for your services. You can only book so many appointments a week which puts a cap on how much you can earn for your services. This can lead to exhaustion when you’re tempted to overschedule yourself to meet client demand.

Financial stability can be difficult to maintain because clients cancel when they get sick, travel, or trim their budgets. Plus, working privately with individuals limits your pool of prospective clients to only those who can afford one-on-one attention.

But for those who want to find a way to get over those hurdles and to take things into their own hands, there is another career path in the fitness industry—gym ownership.

Gym Ownership: The Benefits of Being the Boss

One way to mitigate the negatives sometimes associated with work in the fitness industry and advance your fitness career is to own your own gym or studio. You can go the route of opening an independent business which can be time consuming because you must create your business plan, arrange financing, find a location, develop a marketing plan and more.

Or you can invest in a fitness franchise like RockBox Fitness and make your goal of a career in fitness more easily within your grasp.

RockBox: From a Passion for Fitness to a Rewarding Business

If you’re looking to advance your career in fitness but the idea of building your own gym business from scratch is daunting, RockBox Fitness makes the benefits of franchising with a specialized boxing/circuit training studio clear.

We support our franchise owners from day one, enabling a successful launch for your RockBox location helping with site selection, operations, training, and marketing. As the boss of your own business, you’ll experience entrepreneurial freedom, benefiting from RockBox’s proven business model, multiple revenue streams, and the opportunity to be a multi-unit owner. We make the steps to ownership simple: fill out a submission form, schedule a call with a franchise expert, and complete our discovery process. Your fitness industry career starts now!