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RockBox Fitness University Reviews

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  •  - Yash

    "How did you get started with RockBox?
    I saw an ad on Instagram for the six-week challenge. And honestly, it was not the first ad I had seen for a gym but it was the first one I responded to for some reason. Long story short, I showed up for the orientation for the six-week challenge, ended up signing up for a membership from the start and never looked back.

    What does being a RockBoxer mean to you?
    Being a RockBoxer to me is showing up. That’s the one thing I have learned from Rock Box. No matter how intimidated, tired, depressed, or demotivated I felt, I showed up to RockBox every day and I found that if I just showed up, all I had to do for the next 50 minutes is to put in the work. As Erin Suarez likes to say, the time is going to pass whether you put in the work or not. So why not give it my best while I am there but that doesn’t work unless I show up to class.

    How has RockBox changed your life?
    RockBox has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. Physically, I am stronger, leaner, faster than I have ever been in my life. I still have a long way to go before I hit my goal and RockBox gave me the foundation to start right and reach my goal someday very soon. Mentally, I am a lot more disciplined after a year and a half of working out at RockBox. It has helped me control my anxiety, helped me boost my confidence and overall, just feel better every single day no matter what is going on in life and at work."

  •  - Jesi

    "My favorite thing about being a RockBoxer is the energy in every single gym. Each member brings a different type of energy to get you hype and ready to workout like you never would have before. I love going to RockBox to get that energy refill.

    I am a RockBoxer because of the community it created. We cheer each other on both in the gym and out of the gym and I love that atmosphere. It’s amazing to see all of these people going through their fitness journey and being able to support one another."


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