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RockBox Fitness Veteran Owners Q&A.

Category: Owner Spotlights

David Cook of Rockbox flexes his bicep

David CookCo-Owner of RockBox Fitness Greenville

David served for 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. He signed on as a RockBox franchise owner in August 2019 after being a loyal member at our studio in Huntersville, North Carolina. David and his wife, Sierra, are expecting to open their first location in Greenville, North Carolina in March 2021. They are also in the process of developing three additional studios over the next two years.

Why did you choose RockBox over other franchise concepts? “I truly believed in the model. I know how it affected me and how, in completely different ways, it affected Sierra. I didn’t look at any other franchise concepts as my interest in owning a unit was solely focused on RockBox.”

How has your military experience helped you as a business owner? “I think as far as the military as a whole, it’s understanding a larger picture while able to deal with the granular stuff all at the same time. Like a battlefield, you know the goal is this larger thing (capture the city), but that requires these smaller tiny battles to do that. You have to focus on both and not let the few little battles that don’t go your way ruin the bigger goal of taking the city. As far as the Marine Corps experience goes, it’s not stopping until you get that end goal. Turning stress and “no-win” situations into fuel for pushing harder. Of course, leadership as well. Anyone can manage, but only a few can truly lead. “WE” are going to make this successful. “WE” are going to sell 300 memberships over the next 8 weeks. “WE” made a mistake. “WE” will fix it.”

Why do Veterans make great franchise partners? “I believe it’s because most of us spent at least four years of our lives, between 18 and 22, away from home/family/friends…enduring stresses and environments most people will never experience in their lives. We would have the most fun anyone could have only to wake up a few hours later and do the hardest work anyone at that age could do. Then we got out, grew up in our own ways, and understand what it means to make something work–regardless of all the things in the way. What’s that saying that we always heard in the military: ‘Improvise, adapt, and overcome’.”

Would you recommend RockBox to others seeking business ownership? “Yes, for all the usual reasons. But, more than that, is that there is a team that is genuinely interested in helping you succeed, genuinely interested in helping members, and genuinely interested in their own brand. How many other franchisors have members of their executive team (and family) actually owning units themselves?!”

Mario Colangelo poses in Air Force uniform

Mario ColangeloMulti-Unit RockBox Fitness Owner

Mario served in the United States Air Force for 14 years. He was previously a franchisee with our CEO, Jeff Dudan’s, brand AdvantaClean. He and his wife, Jennifer, saw the value in RockBox Fitness and jumped at the opportunity to become co-owners of the now Mount Pleasant location and are currently in the process of opening up their second location in the West Ashley region of the Charleston area.

Why did you choose RockBox over other franchise concepts? “RockBox offered me and my wife an opportunity to own and operate a successful business with a proven operating system that enables us to achieve our dreams with hard work and effort. The people at the franchisor level are great and we love working with the entire team. The support from the home office team turned the tide for us. It was never in question whether we would be supported to be as successful as we make it.”

Why do Veterans make great franchise partners? “Veteran’s are great operators. We execute on plans and procedures and follow systems. We have an elevated level of discipline from many in the general public which helps us to maintain focus on what’s important to achieve objectives.”

Would you recommend RockBox to others seeking business ownership? “100%, without question. I recommend it so much that we decided on adding another location to our business. Great things are on the horizon for the RockBox nation and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”

Steven Comas in Air Force uniform

Steven ComasOwner of RockBox Fitness Surprise

Steven served in the United States Air Force for 4 years. He signed on as a RockBox owner in April of 2020 in the early months of COVID-19.

Why did you choose RockBox over other franchise concepts? “I have always had a passion for fitness and have wanted to do something with a fitness franchise for many years but never found a concept that resonated with me fully and stood out in the marketplace. I am also a Krav Maga Instructor and love the melding of functional fitness and Kickboxing within the RockBox concept.”

How has your military experience helped you as a business owner? “Self Discipline and planning was my biggest take away from serving and I have been able to apply this to all aspects of my life but especially in business.”

Why do Veterans make great franchise partners? “We have something instilled in us to work as a unit but understanding you have individual strengths you bring. The ability and discipline to follow rules and regs has strong carry over to being able to work with the turnkey system that a franchise offers and not necessarily re-invent the wheel. Follow the plan as it obviously works.”

Would you recommend RockBox to others seeking business ownership? “Well I am not up and running yet largely due to Covid and the delays that has brought upon us but so far the concept is amazing and the support early on has been amazing. So many resources and people invested in our individual success and set up. I am confident this will ring true through the whole process. Also an amazing team with a wealth of experience to ease the process and minimize the risk.”

Clarence Carter in marine uniform

Clarence CarterCo-Owner of RockBox Fitness Concord

Clarence served with the United States Marine Corps and him and his wife, Falon, signed on as RockBox Fitness owners in August of 2020.

Why did you choose RockBox over other franchise concepts? “On the business end, the model makes sense. The marketing makes sense for wonderful inbound(and outbound) sales conversions. The strategy that Steve and Roger have created, tried and made true is one of the most simple and effective I’ve seen around. Also, RockBox is about a culture of family. The closeness I’ve seen with the Franchisor and Franchisees can not be replicated. I’ve studied and gone through the process of many Franchises over the last 2 years and RockBox just feels like home. The team is there for you in many ways to ensure success and welcoming on many fronts. I could go on and on about my experience so far with RockBox but to spare you all the details, RockBox’s uniqueness is list of many qualities that are unmatched.”

Why do Veterans make great franchise partners? “In franchising the process is already made and ready to be implemented. Veteran’s have that experience already built into them to follow the process into success. When the direction is already set all we have to do is run hard and fast.”

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