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Why Gym Culture is Important for Retaining Customers

Category: Franchising Resources

One of the best ways to increase customer retention is to create a positive gym culture. The moment a potential gym member walks through the doors of your business, the tone is set by the environment and the energy your staff creates. Let’s dive into a few steps for building a better gym culture that will keep your existing members and attract others to join.

The Heart and Soul of Your Business

It takes courage to walk through the doors of a gym, risking judgment and feeling out of place, so it is imperative as a gym owner to create an environment that limits worries and inspires members not only to join but to keep coming back to meet their fitness goals.

There are numerous fitness categories, and a positive gym experience is essential to each. Whether your business is yoga, barre, weightlifting, circuit training, spinning, or boxing, the community you build will motivate members to encourage their friends to join. Generating positive word of mouth establishes your gym as part of the community. From big box gyms to boutique fitness studios, creating that connection is the crucial to building business and retaining members.

Building Loyalty, Retaining Members

Another key to keeping your gym’s revenue flowing is retaining members. The way to retain members is to create positive experiences, memorable moments, and a sense of community through the culture you build. That environment is cultivated by people sharing a passion for working out, be it the desire to explore getting fit for the first time, getting back in shape, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A safe, comfortable, challenging environment will keep members from jumping to another opportunity to get fit in a competitive market. Loyalty comes most often from the positive interactions that can be found in person through both instructors and other members. It can also stem from an online connection, via your website or social media. Either way, you are infusing your gym with a great reputation which is consistent across platforms. That means members can rely on you.

Creating an Optimal Gym Culture

In a community, people feel bonded by their interests and goals. The community built through a strong culture at a gym is no different. And for some people who come to gyms, the social interactions are almost more important than their fitness goals, creating a sense of belonging and wellbeing they may not have elsewhere, and that contributes to their overall health.

So what are some steps you can take as a gym owner to foster a community vibe and keep members coming back? Let’s take a look at a few key ingredients.

  • All are welcome: Create a no judgment zone. All shapes, sizes, ages, genders, fitness and experience levels are welcome. Make sure everyone feels like they fit in.
  • Hire friendly staff and instructors: Your employees should learn new members' names and greet regulars when they walk through the door. Making members feel like they belong helps motivate customers to return time and again.
  • Customer service: Listen to members’ feedback and respond with the appropriate changes to reduce any unhappy feelings or to meet the desire for things like new equipment or classes. By addressing conflicts and requests quickly, you’ll be cultivating an atmosphere in which the members’ input is valued.
  • Set goals for your business and your members: Creating high community standards means everyone is working toward shared goals. If you meet them, members will model them. As a business owner, set a standard for your gym. Keep it clean, well designed, offer the best in classes, music, and equipment to keep your members enthusiastic about coming back. Celebrate when members reach fitness goals. Special offers and rewards, and community events generate good vibes.

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