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Corporate Life: Four Ways to Escape

Category: Franchising Resources

Are you feeling burned out? Suffering from boredom, and thinking there must be more to life than the grind of corporate life? As a restless and tired corporate employee, it can feel like you lack control over your time and career trajectory, participating in an office culture that isn’t compatible with your values or personality. If this sounds familiar, you may be ready to change your life by leaving corporate America. Get ready to find more meaning and satisfaction following your passion into a new business of your own.

Signs Corporate Life is Not for You

If you have the desire to create greater work-life balance or have a dream that just won’t quit, perhaps it’s time to escape the life of a corporate worker bee making someone else’s business a success and strike out on your own. How do you know you’re ready? There are some clear signs corporate life is not for you:

  • Stagnation: You no longer feel stimulated or excited by your job. You aren’t learning anything new, and you have no chance to move up.
  • Avoidance: You’ll do anything to avoid work, finding a million ways to procrastinate. You don’t look forward to your job; it’s become a bore and a chore.
  • Irritation: You’ve become impatient and critical of your co-workers and yourself. Small occurrences become major irritations.
  • Physical signals: You may experience upset stomach, headaches, sleep disturbances, fluctuations of appetite and weight, unhealthy coping mechanisms, feelings of dread at the thought of work or going into the office.
  • Loss of identity: You may question your purpose, wonder why you’re here, having lost a vital connection to yourself, what you want, and how to get it.
  • Persistent dream: You have an idea for a business or a career path you’ve always wished to explore. So what’s holding you back?

Transferable Skills from the Corporate Workplace

You’ve learned a lot at your corporate job and those skills will help you succeed in your new endeavor. Transferable skills can be used in a variety of roles and jobs. You may be better prepared than you think. Let’s look at a few of the skills that make you a strong candidate for success:

  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Budgeting
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Adaptability

These skills make you attractive to employers. Use them now to further your own goals.

Four Ways to Escape Corporate Life

Regardless of how much you want to change your life, it can be scary to leave a steady paycheck, benefits, co-workers, perks, and a reliable routine. Even if you’re feeling burned out, you don’t need to feel trapped by the corporate gilded cage. You can fulfill a long-held dream or find a new passion. Here are four ways to plan your escape:

  1. Be clear about your reasons: Don’t just walk out of your office one day and never look back. Instead, understand why you want to strike out on your own. Determine what your goals are. Have a timeline for hitting important milestones so you can see the progress you’re making toward your goals.
  1. Get specific about your goals: Ground your dream in reality. Research the business you wish to start. Learn what qualifications are needed. Know your competition and how much money you’ll need.
  1. Organize your finances: Have a financial plan for when you’re no longer pulling in your corporate paycheck. Try to save as much money as you can before you leave your job. Acquire any financing you’ll need to start your new business. And set some money aside for a rainy day.
  1. Build a support system: Starting over can be scary but you can create a team of mentors and cheerleaders, so you aren’t entirely on your own. You’ll need advice from those with more experience, and friends and family to lift you up on challenging days.

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