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Best Places to Open a Gym: Look For These Six Things

Category: Franchising Resources

The location of your new gym is critical to whether your business is successful. It won’t matter how great your yoga class, or cardio equipment, or boxing ring is if the location of your gym is all wrong for your client. Site selection is a science, and several considerations go into finding the best places to open a gym. Let’s explore six key factors:

Key Location Considerations

  1. Cost: Choosing a location that fits your financial goals for your gym business is crucial. Know what your budget is for rent and find the best possible space you can afford.
  1. Visibility: Your new clients need to be able to find your gym. Locate on or near a main street where passersby can see your business. Place signage toward the front of your building or parking lot so customers know where to go. Noticeable signage will also attract foot traffic and walk-in’s curious about your gym.
  1. Atmosphere: A welcoming environment will make clients comfortable to join your gym and make it a healthy habit. An open floor plan, lots of space, and natural light are features clients enjoy. Clean equipment and spotless locker rooms are also especially important in today’s evolving Covid-19 world.
  1. Parking: Easy access to a sufficient amount of parking is a must for any business to succeed. We’ve all circled a crowded parking lot or busy street searching for parking only to give up in frustration. Getting motivated to work out can be enough of a challenge without the added barrier of not being able to park. Don’t give your clients an excuse to go home.
  1. Demographics: You probably have an ideal customer in mind. You may want to put your gym near an underserved population, making it affordable for customers without much disposable income. Or you may wish to attract an affluent customer base and charge more for the services your gym offers. You may envision an older clientele with specific fitness goals. Or a younger demographic looking for fun classes and lots of options. Choose a location where your desired customer base lives, works, eats, and plays.
  1. Competition: Putting your new gym next to another gym going after the same clientele is a recipe for hardship. You’ll be better off finding a location where a need for what your gym offers must be filled rather than a spot where you’re constantly trying to stand out from the crowd.

Location and Profitability

The best places to open a gym are the locations that can help – not hurt – your business’s profit potential. The wrong location means your customer base can’t find you, can’t park, can’t afford you, doesn’t need what you’re offering, or is lured away by stiff competition. In addition to the six factors discussed above, here are a few types of location that ensure you’ve got the potential to make money:

  • Malls: American malls are undergoing massive transformations as shopping habits change, moving online. Many malls now emphasize including opportunities for experiences in addition to shopping. As malls reinvent their purpose, gyms are moving into the empty space stores left. Some advantages of being situated in a mall include ample parking, foot traffic, visibility, and security.
  • Business districts: Downtowns, corporate parks, and main streets abound with workers who have money to spend and prioritize their health. A fitness studio in such a crowded area has a built-in consumer base.
  • Colleges and universities: Campuses are full of students and faculty who are searching for ways to stay physically and mentally fit. While students may not have tons of disposable income, offering discounts and special events can attract new lifelong customers.

RockBox Fitness and the Science of Site Selection

At RockBox Fitness, we recognize the importance of choosing the right gym franchise location. Part of RockBox Fitness’s pre-opening support includes site selection because the success of our franchisees starts with the right location.

The RockBox team helps you choose the best places to open a gym based on everything from population size to market preference. It’s not a one size fits all process. Instead, RockBox Fitness has formed partnerships with national real estate agents and contractors qualified to help you choose the best site for your gym’s success.

Learn more about how RockBox Fitness supports their franchise owners. Fill out a submission form today.