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Growth of the Fitness Industry: Statistics & Trends to Know

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Going into business for fitness? Here are statistics and trends you must know, signaling strong growth of the fitness industry.

The Future of Fitness is Bright

The COVID-19 pandemic hit many industries hard but few as hard as the fitness industry. Small Biz Genius estimates that 17% of gyms and fitness studios closed their doors permanently. Seven major industry leaders filed for bankruptcy in 2020, and 44% of fitness industry employees saw their jobs vanish, amounting to $20 billion in pandemic related damage.

But growth of the fitness industry is on the horizon. Smart business owners worked hard to thrive under harsh conditions, complying with state and local health mandates, keeping gym members and staff safe, stopping the spread of the virus, and keeping doors open at reduced capacity. Much was learned about the ways in which the fitness industry must change in order to satisfy post pandemic fitness trends and consumer expectations and attitudes. The US market is the world’s largest fitness market and 94% of Americans plan to return to their workouts. Let’s take a look at what will get them through the door.

Pumping Up the Fitness Business: Trends for 2022

The pandemic has shifted many priorities around how we live, where we work, and yes, how we get and stay fit. As outlooks about fitness evolve, people no longer think of a trip to the gym as time to slog through simply to shed excess pounds. More than just a path to weight loss, a workout affects overall wellness. This new focus on overall health means consumer behavior and demands have changed the prospects for growth of the fitness industry. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The home gym exploded in popularity during COVID-19 lockdowns and consumers will continue to want to work out, at least some of the time, at home. At home fitness trends indicate sales of home fitness equipment will continue to be strong, as will demand for live-streaming and on-demand fitness classes.
  • People are getting back into life, and they want to feel strong and capable. Workouts that emphasize building strength using free weights and bodyweight are in demand. Little to no equipment is required making it a cost-effective workout for gym and studio owners. How long can you hold a plank position?
  • People crave connection and group classes fit the bill. Consumers are tired of exclusively working out alone at home and want to have more of a social experience at the gym. Group classes are fun and motivating. Working out with other people means you’re accountable for showing up and therefore more likely to do so. Employing highly qualified trainers and teachers to lead classes gives students quality instruction and fewer injuries. All this leads to happy gym rats creating repeat business for gym owners.
  • In addition to shaping up their bodies, consumers are looking to shape up their minds. While yogis have practiced linking breath, mind, and body for 5000 years, for many Americans, mindful fitness is a new concept that gained importance during the height of the pandemic. A workout, done with attention and care, with an emphasis on breath awareness, and being present, can soothe a stressed and worried mind. Mindful fitness classes that keep the mind and body in harmony, and functional fitness classes that help maintain everyday movements like carrying groceries, are in high demand and are sure to be popular additions to any studio’s schedule.
  • Gyms and studios really stepped up their cleanliness game to keep customers and employees safe from COVID-19 and fitness consumers are looking for them to maintain their high sanitation standards. Nearly 47% of gym goers cited cleanliness as a deciding factor in choosing a gym. If you’re opening a gym or studio, make sure you and your staff make cleanliness a priority so more customers choose you.

RockBox Fitness Fuels the Growth of the Fitness Industry

RockBox Fitness is the future of the boutique fitness industry offering more customized classes and personal attention than big gym chains. As the owner of a RockBox studio, you’ll be changing lives and building community.

RockBox workouts are the antidote to boredom and isolation. Designed by certified trainers, led by inspiring instructors, classes combine boxing and functional fitness synced to lights and music. RockBox workouts are never boring, never lonely, and always motivating and fun, meeting current consumer demand for shared experiences. RockBox franchisees can capitalize on multiple revenue streams including personal training, nutritional guidance, accountability coaching, supplements, and apparel so owners can bob and weave in a changing economy.

RockBox Fitness is growing and looking to get in the ring with multi-unit franchise owners.

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