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RockBox Fitness Waverly Reviews

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  • James H.

    "You know they really care about you. You’re not just another number at check-in."

  •  - Lane O. & Debbie
    Lane O. & Debbie

    "How did you get started with RockBox?
    Lane: My “baby sister,” Debbie Vitale (pictured right), and I decided to give it a try as RockBox in Blakeney was opening and the location was between our two houses. It was a great way for us to be able to schedule time together and both get in better shape. We would manage to connect before or after to hang out for a little while, so it was great on many levels.

    When you started, what were you hoping to gain from becoming a member?
    Lane: When I joined RockBox, I was hoping to lose some weight, get in better shape, and work out with Debbie – but it definitely turned into more than that. I have always loved playing sports, and always hated working out – find working out incredibly boring. I looked forward to RockBox like it is a sport, even though it is clearly a workout!

    How much weight have you lost with RockBox?
    Debbie: Almost embarrassed to admit… I have lost 40 pounds! 😳 Also Changed to plant-based diet… the combo of RB & diet allowed me to go off medications for blood pressure & cholesterol. My energy level is awesome! I feel very strong & capable! I really enjoy being outdoors, and feel great now when climbing, cycling, playing tennis etc!

    How has RockBox changed your life (confidence level, energy level, personal relationships, etc)?
    Debbie: I have not felt this good since battling breast cancer and a heart attack and other health issues & surgeries…and I was actually working out pretty intensely at another (boutique) gym during those times. The community & instruction plus encouragement at RockBox was what I needed to finally get myself back into “Fight” Mode!!!

    I am happy to say I have lost 8 pounds since Lane and I did our photos together in March 👏👏👏


  •  - Tiffany

    "How did you get started with RockBox?
    I got started with Rockbox because I was looking for a new gym. … A friend said to come check this place out, you’re going to love it. I was a serious cardio junkie and this was a workout that I could do to get my cardio fill and get stronger…win, win!

    When you started, what were you hoping to gain from becoming a member?
    I really wanted to get stronger after that first class. I was like OMG I’m so weak I want to be able to do a good pushup, now I can do LOTS of good pushups!"


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