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RockBox Fitness Swings Into Columbus

Category: Studio Spotlights

Just months into 2020, RockBox Fitness – a state-of-the-art fitness franchise that combines boxing, kickboxing, and functional training into high-energy group workouts – has announced plans for the development of six studios in Columbus, Ohio.

The first studio will open in Powell in July and will be located at 170 West Olentangy Street. Though addresses have yet to be announced for the remaining five locations, the brand is eyeing potential sites throughout the greater Columbus area.

“RockBox Fitness has undergone a lot of growth over the past year and we are excited to continue that momentum by entering the Columbus market,” stated RockBox Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder Roger Martin. “To see communities continue to embrace our concept and our exciting, full-body workouts is a very fulfilling feeling. Our studios and new approach to fitness truly are unique to the industry and we cannot wait to share them with the people of Columbus.”

Founded in 2017 and franchising since early 2018, RockBox Fitness was built to avoid the number one problem with any fitness program – boredom. The studios feature all the boxing equipment and heavy bags one would expect for a boxing- and kickboxing-based workout, plus an array of functional training tools like kettle bells, battle ropes and sleds (elliptical and treadmill machines need not apply). In addition, the studios are equipped with high-end sound systems to rock the tunes that keep members pumped and pushing hard. Color-adaptive lighting is also used to cue another level of psychological motivation. When the lights change, so does the intensity.

“RockBox’s exciting workouts produce real results that our members can see each and every day,” said Martin. “In addition to our unique combination of boxing, kickboxing and functional training workouts, the environment in each studio helps people achieve things they never thought possible. Each studio has its own community of people who constantly push and encourage each other towards not just reaching, but also surpassing their goals.”

RockBox has four different membership types from which to choose, ranging from unlimited training sessions to private lessons. Each trainer is professionally certified, accredited and has years-upon-years of experience boxing and kickboxing.

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Founded in 2017 and franchising since 2018, RockBox Fitness is a state-of-the-art fitness studio that combines boxing, kickboxing, and function weight training to help members get into shape. With strategically designed studios, advanced audio systems and nightclub lighting. RockBox’s workouts are an immersive experience for every member that walks through the door. Every workout from group fitness to personal training are designed to focus on an individual’s improvement and self-esteem while increasing their strength and agility. Today, there are 17 successful studios open and operating throughout the country and numerous others in various stages of development. For more information, visit


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