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Fitness Business: Turn Your Passion into Profit

Category: Franchising Resources

If you've ever thought about turning your fitness passion into a business, welcome to the club. Check out these fitness business ideas to get you started on your journey.

Types of Gyms and What They Cost

Americans are more aware than ever that to lead a quality life, they must prioritize their health and fitness. The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare how critical work/life balance is to maintain a healthy mind and body. People are looking for ways to get more out of their workouts and their lives.

As a result, many workers quit their jobs in search of more satisfying career paths, turning what they love into what they do for a living. If your dream is to share your fervor for fitness with others, you may have questions about how to start a fitness business. What type of business to open may be at the top of your list.

Let’s explore a few of your options for fitness businesses:

  • Big-box gyms: These are the corporate gym chains seen across the country, often with many outlets within one city. This is the most common kind of gym and is also, with some exceptions, the least expensive to belong to. Many are open 24/7 and give members access to all the gym locations in the chain. These gyms are known for their large spaces full of workout machines, free weights, cardio equipment, and group classes. Most are bare-bones operations, providing the basics for anyone looking to get fit, though there are higher-end gym chains that come with costlier membership fees and more perks.
  • Personal training gyms: This type of gym is smaller than the big-box competitor and focuses more exclusively on one-on-one workouts with fitness instructors and trainers. There will be much of the same equipment available as a big box but on a lesser scale. The personal attention to a client’s fitness goals commands a higher price than a chain gym, attracting those with the ability to spend several hundred dollars a month on getting fit.
  • Women’s gyms: Many women aren’t comfortable exercising under the male gaze or in a puddle of someone else’s sweat. Women-only access offers a safe space in a fun and supportive environment. With machines, cardio equipment, group classes, and personal training, these gyms can offer a lot to women looking for a stress-free place to feel the burn.
  • Group fitness studios: A lot of modes for getting in shape fall into this category of fitness business, appealing to those wanting a focused approach for meeting their fitness goals. These methods include yoga, Pilates, ballet-inspired barre classes, spinning, rock climbing, boot camps, kickboxing, and boxing. This segment of the fitness industry includes corporate chains, independently owned studios, and boutique fitness franchise opportunities.

The cost to open a big-box gym vs. a boutique fitness studio differs greatly depending on numerous variables. The bigger gym chains service hundreds of clients at a time, requiring more real estate, more amenities like juice bars and showers, and more expensive equipment to buy and maintain. Smaller studios specializing in a particular type of exercise service fewer members, need less space, and don’t require as much equipment so the initial costs can be significantly less. However, they also have a smaller customer base to draw from. Choosing an option that will work with your budget and an operation on a scale that is manageable is vital to your success.

How to be Successful Beyond 2022

Once you decide what type of fitness business you want to open, you might wonder how to stay open in a competitive industry. Here are some common-sense tips for how to be successful from opening day forward:

  • Hygiene: A chief concern among gym members is cleanliness. No one wants to see a dirty locker room, sweaty equipment, or breathe stale air. Regular cleaning and ventilation will keep your members comfortable, feeling safe, and breathing easy.
  • Specialization: Focusing on a niche will define your studio or gym and help you stand out in a competitive field. By emphasizing a specific need in the fitness market, you’re established as the go-to studio, plus you’re clear about how to market and to whom.
  • Marketing: An effective marketing strategy is key to attracting new members to your gym. Special offers, open houses, and targeted advertising are just some methods sure to persuade potential members to give your studio a look.
  • Member retention: Once you’ve motivated members to join, you must work hard to keep them. Listen to members’ concerns, address conflicts and issues quickly, ask for feedback, and respond to requests for new classes or equipment. By building relationships with your members, you can create a community where they feel welcome, supported, and inspired.

RockBox Fitness: Invest in Your Community and Yourself

RockBox began with an entrepreneur just like you who had a passion for fitness he wanted to share with others. This dream grew into a community where members of all backgrounds and levels of fitness can build their minds, bodies, and confidence.

Our boxing-based gym franchise is one of the fastest-growing fitness franchise opportunities in the industry. We’re growing fast and growing strong. Franchising since 2018, RockBox now has 43 locations in 22 states with more to come. With prime markets still available, you have the unique opportunity to super-size your profit potential by becoming an area developer through multi-unit ownership.

We make becoming an owner a streamlined process. And with our continually improving business model, designed to give franchisees multiple revenue streams from which to generate profits, you can count on site-selection support, ongoing training, and help with marketing. RockBox franchisees are given the tools to be successful and have a team of professionals in their corner throughout the life of their business. We’ll be in your corner up to and beyond opening day.

More than just an opportunity to turn your passion for fitness into a profitable business, owning a RockBox Fitness studio provides you the avenue to inspire people, change lives, and build the rewarding future for yourself you’ve been dreaming about. Fill out a submission form today to learn more about franchising with RockBox.