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Kickboxing Franchise: What Are the Costs & Profitability?

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People are ready to get into shape physically and mentally. An estimated 60 million Americans have memberships to gyms, health clubs, and studios. That equates to roughly six billion gym visits per year. People of all demographics are dedicated to looking and feeling better. With revenues estimated to be over $65 billion per year, now is the time to get into the expanding fitness industry with a kickboxing franchise.

Kickstart Your New Career

Owning a franchise can be a smart way to get into business, especially if you don’t want to start a new business from scratch. Sales among franchise companies are predicted to rise to the highest levels since the last recession, making ownership in a franchise a strong investment.

As businesses bounce back from the challenges of the last couple of years, people are returning to work and the unemployment rate is falling, meaning you’ll have your pick of the most qualified fitness professionals. Franchises added 800,000 jobs by the end of 2021, so as a franchise business owner, you’ll contribute to the employment boom.

You’ll also capitalize on historically low interest rates to finance your new business. And obtaining that financing can be easier when starting a franchise. Lending institutions value the fact that franchises have proven business models unlike brand new and untested business plans.

Know the Costs of Owning a Kickboxing Franchise

There are an estimated 40,000 health and fitness clubs in the US. By choosing a kickboxing franchise, you are going to stand out by finding your niche. Kickboxing’s popularity is on the rise. 9% of Americans lace up their gloves at least once a week while 13% are reportedly kickboxing curious.

RockBox Fitness, the kickboxing franchise fusing boxing, kickboxing, and functional training, is rapidly rising in the industry. The fun and inspiring 50-minute classes change every day, so customers never get bored and keep coming back for more. RockBox Fitness is invested in gym members’ physical and mental wellbeing and equally focused on their franchisees running profitable gyms.

While RockBox Fitness franchisees come from all walks of life, executives looking to break out of corporate life particularly love what RockBox Fitness has to offer, including the chance to quickly expand the business to multiple units. You’ll have all the fun and challenge of running a business while making a positive impact on a community, making attention to health, nutrition, and fitness a way of life.

RockBox Fitness stands out from other kickboxing fitness franchises because of its superior business model paving the road to success for franchisees. There are multiple revenue streams allowing owners to maximize profits selling memberships, personal training, nutritional guidance, nutritional supplements, apparel and more.

And what does it cost to own a RockBox Fitness franchise? Here’s an overview:

  • Initial franchise fee: $49,000
  • Cash required: $60,000-$500,000
  • Net worth required: $300,000-$5,000,000
  • Initial investment: $234,993-$463,900

The contract term is for 10 years during which you’ll have the advantage of working with RockBox Fitness’s area development program, benefiting from recurring revenue and extensive incentives through multi-unit development. In other words, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your business, own multiple studios, oversee your management team, and bring health and fitness to more than one community. You’ll be responsible for creating tribes of happy kickboxers while earning some heavyweight money.

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