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  •  - John T.
    John T.

    "I changed careers in 2017. Gave up a physically demanding job for a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 desk job. Good job, good pay, good benefits. But 6 months into it I noticed muscle loss and flab. As time progressed so did the deterioration of my health and body. Just like that, it went from bad to worse. I came back from a lunch meeting and had a stroke at work!

    A barrage of tests would also determine I was now diabetic. Scared to even blink for fear of a second not so recoverable stroke, I sat at home to terrified to move.

    In September 2019, an ad for a fitness challenge came across my computer screen. Free! But what was the catch? The catch was, how badly did I want my life back. You see, the year prior was not a very good one, which led to a downward spiraling of depression. I made the call and showed up for the initial consultation. Wait, what? Kickboxing?

    I was 54, fat, 100lbs overweight, and afraid of life. Who starts to do kickboxing at that age? I thought long and hard and believed what I was told and so the journey began. It was my reason to get up and leave the house. It made me social again. It started me back on a journey of proper eating. My coach and the staff kept me grounded and grateful, pushing me every step of the way. The encouragement was what kept me going. 3 days a week became 4, then 5 and 6. I even did some back to back classes! Then, the challenge was done. Almost a 7% body fat loss, 10lbs of muscle added but only a 5 lbs weight loss. But I also lost a lot of mind fat! I learned to change bad habits and keep moving forward. My doctors were shocked at my next appointment. My A1C numbers for my sugars were dropping, as they were high back in the beginning. My balance is still questionable but I just listen to my body.

    I am still a work in progress, but my life has been forever changed. I have told the staff how awesome they are, and the sign out front that says “We Change Lives” should read “We SAVE Lives”!

    As of my last blood work, my A1C has dropped to just above diabetic levels. I am hoping in the next few months to be non-diabetic. Good diet and exercise, mixed with great people, and positive encouragement will get me there!

    P.S. Just so you all know how much I love this place, I made them hire me! To date, I am now down 25lbs."


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