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Heat & Exercise – Here’s How to Stay Safe

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It might be August, but that doesn’t mean the warm weather is behind us yet. Embrace the nice weather and enjoy the blissful warmth before it gets too chilly.

So, the next time the weather forecast is favorable, commit to exercising outside. But don’t forget that heat makes working out more challenging for your body, and there are ways that you can safely stay active. Whether you do so in your yard or at the park, nothing beats a sweat session in the sun when you’re smart about it.

Tips for Working Out in the Heat

Here are 8 pieces of advice for preventing heat exhaustion or heat stroke:

  1. Take a cold shower before working out and don’t blow-dry your hair
  2. Keep an hour in between a light meal and your workout
  3. Wear loose, lightweight clothing and a hat to block excessive sunlight
  4. Avoid cotton or other materials that don’t let heat escape your body easily
  5. Hydrate well an hour before the workout as well as during and after
  6. Drink water to hydrate if it’s a shorter workout, and try an electrolyte drink for long sessions
  7. Try swimming or yoga as a heat-friendly exercise that doesn’t warm the body up as much
  8. Choose either earlier times in the day or later times in the evening for cooler temperatures

The most important thing is to listen to your body. Take it easy, and don’t push yourself too hard. Especially if you’re traveling and unused to hot or humid environments, don’t go all out from the start. What might normally be a several-mile run for your daily workout could become a jog or even a brisk walk. Or maybe you wait until there’s a light rainfall to get out for a run. Of course, anything beyond a little rain (like lightning or thunder) means that you should stay indoors for the time being.

Not sure where to begin? Try out this killer outdoor workout. With no equipment needed, you can do it from anywhere.

Warm-Weather Workout with No Equipment

This workout will target your full body, so be sure to stretch your lower and upper body before beginning.

The individual exercises are labeled 1 through 12. The number of each exercise correlates to the number of reps you should do of that specific exercise.

Start with exercise #1. From there, do exercise #1 again, followed by exercise #2.

Start back up again and go through exercises #1, #2, and #3, before you wind back up at exercise #1.

Keep this pattern going until you get all the way through exercise #12.

  1. EXERCISE: 1 Burpee
  2. EXERCISE: 2 Inch worms
  3. EXERCISE: 3 Tuck jumps
  4. EXERCISE: 4 Mountain climbers (each leg)
  5. EXERCISE: 5 Jumping jacks
  6. EXERCISE: 6 Reverse lunges (each leg)
  7. EXERCISE: 7 Pushups
  8. EXERCISE: 8 Russian twists
  9. EXERCISE: 9 Squat jumps
  10. EXERCISE: 10 Crunches
  11. EXERCISE: 11 Leg raises
  12. EXERCISE: 12 Sumo squats

This workout is a fun one, offering a unique ladder structure that will keep your body moving, the sweat coming, and your mind engaged. Nothing beats the motivation that comes with a beautiful day to get outside, but don’t let it turn into a risky situation. Take plenty of rest and stop if you begin to feel dizzy or nauseous to avoid getting sick or hurting yourself. Our trainers are here to help if you would like guidance in finding the best ways to stay safe in the heat while maximizing the workout for your body.

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